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Student Misbehavior- Is parent responsible for children’s bad behavior ?

Student Misbehavior- parents responsible for children’s bad behavior

Human being understands language of love, emotion and passion. Educator handles 21st century kids in the school. Kids are active and smart. Sophisticated gadgets become essential need for survival. Nowadays, parent nurtures a child in a nucleus nature. 2010s decade born children are vocal and electronic gadgets lover. Parents wish to provide all the luxuries for their children, which a 1980s-1990s born parent might not used/might, not be available for them to use at that time. Parents are economically sound.

Every parent of this world is intelligent and intellectual personality for his kids. They think surely better for their kids. Children learn all the values right from tender age of habit formation. They watch each and every activity of their parent at home. Nowadays, parent offers his smart phone to the kids in a very tender age because child will be engaged and s/he could perform day to day task at home.  Parent fulfills all the wishes of his kids. This activity satisfies need of both parent and child; parent feels relax and child also feels mental relax with voice, pictures, songs, video, video games etc. Every time we repeat same activities that lay the foundation of negative behavior in a child.


My friend mr. Yadav was in a party with his elder and younger son. His elder son (40 months old) child was watching a serial Bal Hanuman. Younger son (15 months old ) child was crying so Mr. Yadav wanted to give him mobile. When Mr. Yadav requested his elder son to give the mobile for his younger brother, he had thrown the mobile in the ground and ran away from there. I was completely confused to see all these activities. In fact this is common scene in country side as well as urban area. Who is responsible for this act? Who will be cursed for this act?

Illiterate, literate, educated and uneducated parent stated several times in informal or formal communication, “ I think, (a) child should not be pressurized (b) I do not give pressure on  my child (c) child does not study in a pressure (d) sir, s/he does not hear anyone in the family (e) sir, s/he is very rigid (f) sir, his mind is very sharp, s/he operates Smart phone very fast  (g) sir, s/he does not want to write on notebook. If I ask something, s/he replies very fast but does not write at all. I stuck at the moment, (a) who will correct them (b) who is responsible for this rigid behavior (c) if a child does not listen/hear/obey his/her father/mother at home; how will s/he hear/obey teacher at school and in the classroom?

Parent spends a lot of money on paying school fee. S/he wishes her child to be a unique person. Parent builds child’s strong personality at home. Whatever a child learns at home, s/he carries it to the school and classroom.  Parent inculcates different human values at home.

A paradoxical situation is occurred in child life. Parent allows child to do all good and bad things without any obstruction and reminder at home but expect different school stakeholder teacher, principal and other person to inculcate all human values. Homeschooling fails to do it; formal schooling fails to create magical effect in the school which resulted in a conflict personality.

Parent is an image builder.  A child learns a lot of values at home. Parent’s nurturing style makes a big difference. When a child passes through a tender age, parent ignores all his/her mistakes and fulfills all demands unconditionally. Parent wants to provide the best facility available in the society. We treat each and every bad behavior of a child as his/her childish nature but we forget that child is framing a behavior, a habit and an attitude which is not good for both the stakeholders. Gradually, we start noticing that child becomes so rigid and inflexible. Once a child frames a set of good or bad habit, it becomes too much difficult to mould in positive direction. Parent feels unable to control because now child does not listen/obey his parent. Child has his own condition to do several activities. Parent becomes apprehensive and fearful to take necessary action to mould his behavior.

Parents nurturing style at home plays crucial role in child’s behavior formations. Why does a child misbehave at school? Does a parent instill values at home? We observe various reasons for child misbehavior at home and at school.

Ill treated parents

Child is nature. S/he blooms in the lap of parental field. Proper development of a child is prime responsibility of a parent. Generally we observe in family, society and school that sensible parent nurtures his/her child sensibly. If a parent is not so much caring for his/her kids and s/he does not want to spend time with kids, then his kids do not show moderate behavior at school.

No guardianship at home

Parent physical presence at home makes a big difference but if a parent is present at home but does not care his kids can create too big difference. It creates a void in a child’s life. Sensible guardianship at home helps child to behave properly at home. Child becomes a torn personality.

Lack of poor observation and guidance at home

Mother plays great role in shaping a child as a good human being. Mother usually shares her observation with husband and finally they take a wise decision for their kids. If parent could not keep his/her child in proper observation and if s/he fails to guide child in right direction then child becomes a torn personality.

Over protected and over possessed students

If a parent is so much possessive and over protective for his/her child, then child forms a negative attitude which reflects everywhere i.e. in family, society and school. Over protective child customizes each and everything according to his/her wish and present himself as a victim before parent. Parent takes this issue as an ego-“my son/my daughter”. 21st century kids are smart. They know their parent weakness. This attitude outcome is always negative.  Generally it is observed that overprotective and over possessive parent misbehaves with teacher in school, shouts in school office or so and so many.  Parent’s  pampered students

So many parents feel too much pride for their son and daughters. They pamper their child. Pampered child behaves same as over protected and over possessed child.

Having feelings of superiority complex or inferiority complex due to various individual as well as environmental aspects i.e. educated family, uneducated family, poor or wealthy life styles, physical stature. School is a pious place. Everyone wears same uniform and studies under a same roof. Everyone pays same amount of school fee. Sometimes it is observed that it is parent who develops a superiority complex in his/her child; his child behavior is not praiseworthy in the school.

We are living in a globalized world. Everyone has same opportunity to avail existing facilities in this world. A wise parent develops positive attitude right at the beginning of childhood. Gradually, child becomes habituated to show human values with parent, family members, society and teachers.

Wise parent develops his child as a sensible citizen who cares for self and society. A child is a child; pure, pious and virtuous. Parenting makes a big difference. Let, be a smart and sensible parent for nurturing a better world citizen !


Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist

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How to Increase School Admissions-Tips and Techniques

Autonomous school economy purely depends on students’ school fee. School management invests a big amount on developing school infrastructure. School management plans for getting more and more new admissions every year to boost up school economy. Chairperson and trust spends so much money for promoting school and establishing as a brand school in local vicinity. Each school is doing same tasks for a long time.

School management invests so much on advertising school through different resources i.e. hiring professionals, big banners, newspaper advertisement etc but school management does not care about school resources. We have been observing for last 8 years that school supportive staffs play crucial role in admission drive. Autonomous schools do not pay respected salary to their supportive staffs (peon, drivers, conductors, guards) in developing countries. We do not show high values for dignity of labor and dignity of individuals, however supportive staffs bring so many parents to visit school during admission time. Parent footfalls in the school campus converted into more admissions in the school.

Admission Drive -Roll of supportive staffs in admission campaign

Supportive staffs communicate with local guardians since school management hires supportive staffs from local surrounding. Supportive staffs are so much dedicated for their institution. They are connected with local people. Supportive staffs indentify prospective parents. They talk with them. They encourage prospective parents to visit school.

Generally, we have mentality to consider them below average since they work in low profile and low salary. School management can use supportive staffs as resource person to motivate known parent to visit school. School drivers, peons and other supportive staffs may not be well versed with school vision and mission but if they motivate parents to visit school for further inquiry from school office counter, half of the school task is over. Now school admission in charges (Office Associate, Parent Relation Officer and other concern person) communicate the needs, desires and expectations of guardians.

We met several skilled and experienced school drivers from different Indian provinces. They were able to convince more parents for taking admission in school in their own ways. School management should look into their matters. It is big question for us that (a) What are the reasons behind these motivation? (b) Why do they motivate people to visit school even if their salary is very low (hand to mouth)?

While meeting with various supportive school staffs in different Indian provinces, I greatly felt that they have high regards for education system ( no matter even if they cannot write or read/may be have literate). They cannot advertise school as professional sales person but they can share so many convincing stories about school with prospective parents. Sometimes school management sends their school staffs for meeting parents in local area. We say it “Door to Door Admission Campaign”. It is not a surprise to see that sometimes an established school also conducts admission campaigning (door to door) for keeping the school position intact. So many good upcoming schools pose a challenge for them each year. School management involves teaching as well as non-teaching staffs for getting good number of new admissions and retaining existing parent in the same school. 20-30 percent parents have no problem in changing school.20-30 percents drop out students poses a big and difficult challenges for school management. The concept of door to door admission campaign arises due to this reason.  School drivers helps school admission core committee members in identifying potential parents and arrange meeting with them and also take members to the right place.

 Why do they do so?

 School supportive staffs are looking for safe and secure service tenure with school. Every school does paper work according to local and central governments guidelines but in reality this is completely unorganized sector. Supportive staffs wishes to be associated with the organization for long time. Sometimes, they expect extra incentives from school management for performing these tasks. Sometimes they do it for the sake of institutional growth. They feel happy and connected with the organization.

Role of Supportive Staffs in Increase Admissions in School-How do they do so?

Since they are local people, they know the parents of their area. They communicate with those parents regularly. Parent feels connected with them.

Visionary leader of the school tries to empower their supportive staffs on various occasions. They identified motivated employees. They encourage them to perform various task i.e. collecting data, identifying right parent etc. They try to respect the importance of various staffs in the school.  Supportive staffs help school for promoting school and bringing a good number of admissions of school. If a school management would decide to spend only 5 percent of school advertisement budget on supportive staffs welfare/in terms of incentive, then result will be more effective.

Satisfied staffs, positive working culture, and motivational leader play crucial role in admission drive. Staff is directly related to the prospective parents work as resource person. Drivers, peons and other supportive staffs related to school motivate guardian and even guardians’ visit campus for inquiry; moreover most of time footfalls in the campus turn into admission (especially Indian culture).  They feel more attached to the institutions.

Motivation and hope for unconditional incentive encourage supportive staffs to fetch so many people to visit campus for the purpose of admission.

Integrity of Promise

Promises made by school staff about holistic development of child to the parents should be factual, supportive, and positive otherwise faith once broken will do damage forever—

Proper planning, proper budgeting and proper execution of planning at right time, on right place, at right speed can produce best results in terms of a good number of new admissions in school as well as retention of existing students at school.

Marketing through various means of advertisement has a long term impact on the mind of existing and prospective parents. Visionary leader always keeps high hope and positive thinking for better result. We must reviews our strategies time to time, and must improvise marketing strategies, but never ever should feel impatient by not seeing projected outcome. We should keep working for quality school, quality teachers, quality supportive staffs, quality infrastructure and qualitative students who can contribute something great to the parent, society, nation and the cosmic universe.

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist

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Critical Thinking – Teaching Techniques for developing critical thinking skills

Critical Thinking – Teaching Techniques for developing critical thinking skills

Critical thinking is an act of learning. Thinking can also be processed and developed. It is nurtured. Individual grows in each and every moment of his life.

Critical thinking as the “intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action.  (The U.S. National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking)

Important Tools and techniques for developing critical thinking skills

Understanding of fact/formula is a good act of learning; however our goal of learning should be to know the ways/means/methods/techniques/reason (“why” and “how”). Everyone knows the formula for the area of a triangle – half into base into height. But why it is so? Millions of people might had seen the falling a fruit from a tree but minute observer Newton noticed and developed a desire to know “ why” and “how”.

Educator instigates spark of learning “why” and “how” and helps learner to taste himself/herself the “essence of learning”.  Let us learn to think “why” and “how”!

Questioning/Inquiry based learning:

Sensible student asks rational questions to self, surrounding and teacher. The moment a student inquires about something; it means s/he is interested in it. When we relate ourselves with situation, then we enable our self to explore the best possibilities. Sensible student considers all the factual and fictional possibilities.  It takes us to right place.

If s/he asks questions, then it is great sign for possibilities of better learning. S/he clears her doubts before considering the outcomes. S/he knows where to reach because her objective is clear. Student asks questions to reach the center. Student inquires to fix the problems and find out the solutions. A sensible student asks following questions to questions to self, surrounding and teacher. Sensible teachers only sensitizes learner to (Handwritten Picture)

  • What are the possible reasons for this events/accidents/result etc?
  • What were the important factors?
  • Why these factors became so crucial/game changing?
  • What can be other best possible options?
  • How did you come to know these factors? Would you like to mentions some of them?
  • What do you think? (Open ended questions)
  • Do you think so? Support your answer with illustration

How to Draw Best from Within

  • Asks Question
  • What is this —-
  • Why is it important—
  • How does it help ——-
  • Why does it happen –
  • Is it relevant —–
  • What are the difficulties ——
  • What are the ways to overcome difficulties—
  • Can we modify —–
  • What are the points which we can add or delete or modify —–

We should consider all questions before taking some initiatives and while performing a task.

Consider two situations:-

If you were the Indian NSA Ajit Doval, then, how would you solve the dispute of International Border Line “Doklam” between India and China, where third country (Bhutan) was also involved?

Mr. Ram Niranjan is newly appointed District Magistrate of ‘Mor’ district of Bihar. India Metrological department warned a heavy rain fall, which may bring a sudden flood. A large number of people stay in lower area. Mr. Ram has only 24 hours to make necessary arrangement. If you were Mr. Ram, what decision would you like to take for saving thousands of life?

Educator: – Facilitator of Learning

  • Educator should instill the habit of “learning to think” the process, ways and means for exploring the facts.
  • Give them opportunity, help them, and motivate them to become a wise critical thinker.
  • Encourage them and support them for shaping a fine human being, who can think wisely. Each individual has potential to think, analyze, evaluate and conclude concretely.

  • Help students to form right attitude for   minute observation and evaluation
  • Provide students a number of problem solving activities related to personal life, school life, and professional life
  • Brain game and puzzles
  • Lead learners to have intensive discussion and debate based learning

Give him Time

We should respect the dignity and integrity of individual. We should nurture his nature to come out from within. If we ask something, we should give him time to come out with several relevant points.

Listen to him

Human beings are habituated to talk much and listen less. We should listen individual’s ideas, view points, suggestions with patience. Give him the space to think and share.

Trust him

Better result comes when we trust individual’s ability.

Better result comes when we allow him to lead the show.

Each and every individual sees the world in his/her unique way. Parent, siblings, society, teachers, principal, boss, head of institution should trust the ability of an individual to see the things in a unique way. We should at least listen sometimes or other.

Elders/Seniors’ faiths make individual’s self esteem strong. I hope, we will not loss anything if we listen someone’s idea. It is in our hand to accept those points, use some of good points, modify them, and indeed, reject those points in a mild way.

A number of world’s great achievers achieved high however, at earlier phase of his life or career his views/ ideas were rejected or ignored by colleagues and seniors.

Facilitate him

 We grow in every moment of life. We are learners. Proper guidance, proper training and proper facilitation lead an individual to walk on right path.

Give respect to individual’s opinion

Share existing knowledge

Widen individual’s horizon to make out the things

Help individual to identify most relevant pros and cons

Help individual to find out various alternates

Review the Essence of Critical Thinking Skill

Critical thinking is at the core of most intellectual activity that involves students learning to recognize or develop an argument, use evidence in support of that argument, draw reasoned conclusions, and use information to solve problems. Examples of critical thinking skills are interpreting, analyzing, evaluating, explaining, sequencing, reasoning, comparing, questioning, inferring, hypothesizing, appraising, testing and generalizing.

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist



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Admission Campaign-How to Increase Admissions in a School-Tips and Techniques

Admission Campaign-Drive in School: Using Parent as a Brand Ambassador for School Promotion and Admission

Parent as a big brand ambassador

Parent is a symbol of love, affection and fondness. We are the life line of our parent. We care each other. We love each other with or without a condition. Each and every one feel in our life that parent ultimate goal lies in kid’s welfare. Parent is most outstanding motivator, and catalyst to promote school. Pupils’ rational and holistic progresses give a sense of relief to existing parents. Prospective parents always wish to hear good words from existing parents in terms of school holistic performance as evidence.

Student, teacher and parent create a triangle of learning atmosphere. Parent is an active partner in school education systems. His observation and timely feedback help school to grow as a center of excellence in an educational field. A well versed school management develops a good rapport with parents. School management develops a two ways communication channels to have an intense discussion with latest development occurred in the school and also share future planning with the well versed guardians.

Parents’ active involvement helps school to evolve as a renowned study center. School system gives proper respect to school parents.  School management ensures parents’ proper involvement in the school’s growth and prosperity. Higher management develops considerable and rational partnership with parents.


School faces two great challenges (1) To retain existing students (2) To ensure good number of new enrollments/admission in the school. People mind set has changed. People inquire and investigate so much before making a final decision for selecting a new school for their ward. People are looking beyond the personal limitations. Parent is ready to spend money but they are looking for quality education.


Existing  parents are the greatest asset of a school. Their satisfaction with the school solves two tier purposes. Firstly, they will keep their child in the same school and secondly they are prime resource to reach target community for new admissions.

Parent an image builder of school: – Parent is brand ambassador of school. We wish to establish our school as a distinctive brand at local, state and on national platform.  School management uses different tools and techniques to advertise school. Our task is to share our vision and mission with maximum number of people in the society. We live in a society. We develop communication channel with people from different walks of life. Existing parents solve this bigger issue in an easy manner. School parents observe latest development and progress in different field and they discuss same information with their colleagues, peers, family member and other society members on different occasions.

Parent a decision maker in taking child’s admission in a school:-Parent is prime decision maker at home for taking decision. Parent considers a number of facts before selecting a good school for his/her child. Parent wishes to send the child in a good cultured school. If a school system is able to fulfill all parameters of a parent and is able to convince the parent that his/her child will be at right place for getting quality education, then only parent takes decision to enroll the child in the school.

Parent motivates other parent to take admission:-Parent is the best resource for a school. Parent positive feelings and positive words have great impact on other person’s mind. A person who is looking for good school in his vicinity (a) visit school websites for basic information (b) talk to local known parent for getting feedback of school and (c) visit school for confirming and assuring himself/herself that s/he reached at right school. Parent positive feedback is much convincing factor for a prospective parent than any other means of advertisements. It is an effective assurance from a person who is utilizing the service and has great satisfaction for the present school system.

 Parent a good catalyst:– School management uses different tools and techniques for establishing an educational institution as a center of excellence. Existing parent is permanent family member of school. They are associated with us for a long time. There is strong bond and deep relationship with the school.  School and parent have same objective. Both of them think about the welfare of child. Parent is good catalyst for promotion of school and fetching good admission number in the school. They motivate other prospective parents to visit the school and have real life experience of school system.

Word of mouth through our parents!

“Kindness is the one commodity of which you should spend more than you earn.” T.N. Tiemeyer

How to Identify Parent Ambassadors

School leader creates a deep bonding with parents. School leader identifies intelligent, intellectual and well versed parents. We identify positive parent as a resource person during one to one interaction. School leader prepare a list of positive parent

We can do it:-

@ During Parent Teacher Meeting/Conference  

@ Parent-Principal Meeting at school office

@ Through discussion and meeting with class teacher and teachers

@ Parent Relation Executive, or with the other resource

@ Through one parent to other

School leader develops good rapport with parent. S/he follows parents by calling now and then, sending SMS , email, cards. We can send best wishes on different special occasions. Parent feels happy and develops an emotional bonding with school.

More Parent Ambassadors-More Admission at Schools

Parent compares each and every bits of learning to nearby people. They may be relative, neighbors and a known person. They always keep themselves busy in sharing their wards scholastic, co scholastic performance,   infrastructural development, and extended facilities of school. Comparing leads to internal satisfaction or internal dissatisfaction. Positivity, internal satisfaction of existing parents is most powerful weapon to launch admission campaign for the best outcomes.

Existing parents are the greatest asset of a school. Their satisfaction with the school solves two tier purposes. Firstly, they will keep their child in the same school and secondly they are prime resource to reach target community for new admissions. So,

  1. Well aware about the taste and temperament of existing families
  2. Keep regular touch with existing parents
  3. Organize face to face meeting with the yes/no parent
  4. Try to understand parents next level demand/wish
  5. Organize small get together with parents on a coffee table
  6. Personal phone call to all existing guardians to communicate extended features of school and beneficial factors to re-enroll
  7. Work out the areas of dissatisfaction of existing parents and improvement must be conveyed individually related to individual parent(improvement in handwriting, behavior–)

Existing parents’ positive concerns towards the growth of school and students must be taken care at personal level, no matter, what is the nature of concerns. We should not hesitate to give proper respect to their prime concerns because his/her son/daughter’s future is at our hands. There is always negative and positive possibility to turn a student into a fine human being or to derail from the right track.

More satisfied parent- more convinced parent-more admission in the school-more sound economy of school-

Parent is our prime stakeholder. Parents will be our brand ambassador only when we nurture their kids properly on our school premises. Our rational efforts to develop their child as an integrated personality will win the heart of a parent. School management spends a lot of money on advertising school but enriching parents’ experience with school solves various schools’ at a glance. Experienced, empowered and satisfied parents positive words about the school has concrete and solid effect on prospective parents who are searching a good school within the vicinity for his/her ward. Let be the first to become a game changer!


Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist


Kotler, P. and K. Fox (1995). Strategic Marketing for Educational Institutions. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, Inc.

Davies, B. and Ellison, L. (1997). Strategic Marketing for Schools, London: Pitman Publishing.

Rick NewBerry’s Blog

Gillian Allen Business Manager Churchill Community  College

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Admission Campaign-How to Increase Admissions in School- Marketing Strategies

Admission Campaign-Drive in School: Using Online Marketing Strategies for School Promotion and Admission

Worldwide web (www) is world of magic. No one wants to keep himself away even for one second from world wide web (www). 20 years ago one of my common friend asked me about my shirt’s brand name. I was little hesitant and shared that this shirt had been stitched by a local tailor. Nowadays, everyone knows the power of a touch on a smart phone screen and surely everything available in the world market will be in our touch within hours.

Autonomous school economy solely depends on students’ fees, and the school sound economy determines educational qualities. School tries hard to retain existing students for the next academic session and establishes a good rapport with different walks of people at local, district, state, national and international level through worldwide web (www). School faces two great challenges (1) To retain existing students (2) To ensure good number of new enrollments/admission in the school. WWW helps school to promote its vision and mission worldwide. Generally people investigate several basic things from school website. Nowadays, our school website creates great impact on prospective parents’ mind. An organization’s well developed website sets up a benchmark for parents.

People mind set changed. People inquire and investigate so much before making a final decision for selecting a new school for their ward. People are looking beyond the personal limitations. Parents are ready to spend money but they are looking for quality education in a safe and secure school environment.

Online marketing helps management/society/trust to establish school as a brand. It creates positive impact on parent’s mind. Power of virtual world is intact. School presence on World Wide Web (www) ensures the brand image of school; in fact it builds a brand among local as well as worldwide viewers. It is store house, information center, mirror, vision and mission of a school. WWW is a solution center to the known to unknown. Smartphone is under reach to everyone parent with the highest internet speed so school is ready for a gentle touch on Smartphone screen.

Visionary school management invests money on online marketing. This is crucial need of the hours. Parent, student, and relative play a great on making decision for taking admission in a school. Every one inquires on smart phone. School management plans ahead and hires a group of technical personals for promoting school on World Wide Web (www).
1st Task
Create a responsive website: – marketing focused, appealing to prospective parents and students, user friendly. Responsive website is based on responsive web design which adjusts gracefully to fit on desktop, tablet, and Smartphone browsers. (Joshua Steimle is the CEO of MWI). School needs to do it because most of parents are friendly with Smartphone. ( Parent as well as student search about the school. Several search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL) makes it possible.

2nd Task
Search engine optimization: School management hires a professional and uses various tools for search engine optimization. School can take payment based service from service providers. Search engine optimization service helps school to be listed in search engine 1st page. It helps to reach millions of very soon.

3rd Task
Create a school blog:School creates a blog on different blogging sites and post relevant content which is useful to students, parents and other people.
We can share following items on different social sites
(A) Achievement of school in its vision and mission
(B) Students real activities as learners’ engagement
(C) Success story of students, teachers and old students
(D) Positive reviews of parents, students, i.e. what makes this school special?
Parents’ reconfirmation and satisfaction over choosing this school and the difference made in academic year.

4th Task
Create Pages on different Social Media Sites:Social media channels are platforms to connect people from various fields. It is strong medium to promote school. School can create a page on various social media sites i.e. Face book, Twitter, YouTube, Slide share, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram or Snapchat for students. School can use of social media sites for advertisement of school (Available on payment). Nowadays, It is observed that parent reminds school office to post his/her wards school activities pictures on Instagram, Face book and other social sites.
5th Task
Prepare videos of different activities of school:Visual has its own effect. It is authentic evidence for millions of people who cannot visit school but reaches our school in virtual world. People are engaged in their own professional and personal life. Video brings life as effective evidence of educational activities happen during academic year, students’ activity, teacher’s teaching methodology, classroom teaching video etc. These videos should be uploaded on school personal account on different social sites.

Mr. Rick NewBerry’s prepared a list of questions that will be helpful in preparing prospective students and parents friendly web world to promote school—
Have you invested in a responsive website design?
Are you utilizing a blog on your website and in your marketing strategy?
Are you bringing your school to life on your website by telling stories about your people and programs?
Are you communicating news stories about the great things happening at your school every day?
Does you school’s website make a great first impression and is it marketing-focused?
Have you implemented best practices in search engine optimization, content development, call-to-actions and more on your website?

Private school marketing strategies is powerful on its own, but far more effective when integrated into a balanced overall marketing campaign. Private schools can utilize their creative and technological resources to target a broad audience with meaningful online marketing campaigns while calling upon their community connections to appeal to local applicants for maximum results.
Proper planning, proper budgeting and proper execution of planning at right time, on right place, at right speed can produce best results in terms of a good number of new admissions in school as well as retention of existing students at school.

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist

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English Speaking Skill Tips -A Short Story of Sonia

English Speaking Skill Tips
Sonia and Ranjan come from a remote village Mor. Sonia’s father is a farmer and Ranjan’s father is a shopkeeper, however their father feels very happy when they listen that their children are talking in English about school at home. Sonia is so simple girl. She wants to share thoughts and gives speech in the morning assembly. She shares her desire to her math teacher. Her math teacher Niranjan suggests that if you practice to speak in English regularly then you will become the smartest girl of the school. Sonia got nice ideas that firstly she will practice to speak in ENGLISH at the school, secondly she will not hesitate to talk in ENGLISH friends, classmates, and teachers, and thirdly she will not be afraid of others what they think if she speaks wrong sentences or if she picks up wrong words while speaking in English. These ideas gave her confidence. Sonia started speaking in ENGLISH all the time. She started talking in English with friends and teachers even she used to speak in ENGLISH with her friends while returning to home by the school bus. Slowly –slowly Sonia becomes master in communication skill. She conducts assembly, shares thoughts and gives speech on various occasions. Everyone of her class was surprised to see that nowadays Sonia became so much confident. She came first in all the subjects in FA3 examination. Earlier Ranjan used to speak in ENGLISH but nowadays he becomes careless and lazy. Sonia got the best speaker award on FA 3 Award Day Function. She shared the story of her success that in the beginning she faced so many problems i.e. no one speaks English at her home, her friends made fun on her English speaking, sometimes teacher scolded her but she practices, practices and practices to speak in ENGLISH. Be like Sonia—————“Let us communicate in English all the time”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

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Duties and Responsibilities of an Examination in Charge


Duties and Responsibilities of an Examination in Charge

Position Function Reporting Officer
Teacher Examination In charge Principal


Teaching is purely a noble profession. While talking to quality of a teacher Swami Vivekanand states that the true teacher is he who can immediately come down to the level of student, transfer his soul to the student’s soul and see through and understand through his mind. Such a teacher can really teach and none else.

 Teacher is a role model. Role models are people who set good examples by the words, they speak and by the actions they speak. The teachers’ entire personality is a reflection on the minds of the students. If the teacher is honest, leads a balanced and disciplined life, the children adopt these virtues as an ideal conduct unconsciously.

An examination system evaluates factual understanding, conceptual understanding and global understanding of prescribed syllabus and designed curriculum. Examination system assesses individual’s capability to interpret learning in his own language. It is not merely test of knowledge. Examination system evaluates persistent and consistent quality of an individual. It tests the attitude of an individual i.e. how does an individual perform better in extreme pressure. Examination examines individual’s overall personality. Examination systems examine individual’s desire to learn, desire to explore, desire to investigate and desire to apply learning in real life situation. Assessment ensures quality teaching- learning process.

Usually, examination in charge performs all necessary duties which each teacher performs on daily basis. It is an additional duty for a teacher in different countries.

Characteristic of Examination In charge


 Duties of Examination In charge

  1. Prepare guidelines for teachers to prepare question paper for different examination
  2. Prepare precise and lucid instructions regarding (a) pattern of question paper (b) types of questions (c) rational marks allotted to different types of questions (d) language of instruction etc
  3. Collection of subject test paper/chapter wise test/weekly test/term test/end year examination/formative and summative assessment
  4. Circular:- Giving advanced circular to the teachers signed by the principal regarding submitting question paper, mark sheet on time and any other required documents
  5. Preparation of Question Bank:- In charge prepares subject wise question bank in coordination with subject teacher
  6. Form a subject expert committee to ensure the quality of question paper
  7. Preparation of Question Paper:-Ensure preparation of question paper i.e. final print out before 48 hours. Preparation of standard question paper subject wise according to guidelines given by the principal for FA and Summative Assessment.  Question paper should be in proper format. Grammatical mistakes should not be there in question paper. Question paper must not exceed or less than the prescribed marks for the particular examination.
  8. Preparation for Examination:-Ensure necessary items to conduct examination i.e. question paper, answer sheets, Mark sheets, thread and other stationary items. Give advance requirement to the administrative officer.
  9. Seating Arrangement:-Making proper seating arrangement for students for different examinations.
  10. Time-table:-Making examination time table with the consent from principal.
  11. Duty charge:-Prepare examination duty charts for the teachers.
  12. Form a subject expert committee to ensure the quality correction of answer sheet.
  13. Preparation of marking scheme: Teacher will prepare marking scheme of question with question paper and submit it to the Examination In charge Committee.
  14. Answer sheets correction: – Teacher will submit corrected answer sheet within (hours) after the examination (different school –different deadline).
  15. Records keeping:-Keeping records of all the examination held in the school in soft as well as hard copy.
  16. Mark List: – Teacher will show the mark lists to the principal before final entering of mark sheets.
  17. Preparation of Report Card:-Preparation of Mark sheets format for different examination.
  18. Final Report Card:- Examination In charge will ensure final printing of report card before 48 hours
  19. Parent Teacher Meeting:- Conducting  PTM and keeping records of PTM attendance and Feedback
  20. Outside Examination:- Conduct examination from other agencies and making proper arrangement for them

Teacher, student and parent work very hard to ensure quality learning. Examination in charge is the centre point for conducting a standard examination system in the school. His keen observation and proper supervision help to develop a standard assessment and evaluation system for an organization. Examination in charge draws a circle with the help of teacher, student, syllabus, and prescribed course curriculum. Standard examination system ensures quality assessment and evaluation of teaching and learning in an academic session. Examination in charge develops a solid system to conduct a fair and standard assessment process in the organization.

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist


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Duties and Responsibilities of a Time Table in Charge

Duties of School Time Table-In charge

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery…….Mark Van Doren

Position Function Reporting Officer
Teacher In charge School Time Table Principal

 The teacher can become the instrument and medium for the birth of a new world, a new life and a new human being. Teacher is responsible and accountable for the fate of generation of a nation.  Teacher must be a motivator; an observer, a cultivator, a catalyst and a facilitator at the most to make students awaken, realize and actualize their potentialities. Henry Von Dyke rightly stated about teacher, “I sing the praise of the unknown teacher, king of himself and the leader of the mankind”. If the teachers are well educated and if they are intellectually alive and take keen interest in their job, then only, success is ensured. But, if they are not well trained in educational field and if they cannot give their heart to their profession, the system is destined to fail. Teaching is purely a noble profession. While talking to quality of a teacher Swami Vivekanand states that the true teacher is he who can immediately come down to the level of student, transfer his soul to the student’s soul and see through and understand through his mind. Such a teacher can really teach and none else.

 Teacher is a role model. Role models are people who set good examples by the words, they speak and by the actions they speak. The teachers’ entire personality is a reflection on the minds of the students. If the teacher is honest, leads a balanced and disciplined life, the children adopt these virtues as an ideal conduct unconsciously.

School time table is architecture of an institution. Each and every minute of school should be used for holistic development of child. Time is precious. Time table in charge (teacher) is commanding officer of the school. S/he has enormous task to perform on daily basis. Usually, time table in charge performs all necessary duties which each teacher performs on daily basis. It is an additional duty for a teacher in different countries.

 Time table in charge ensures proper time table for each and every teacher. S/he discusses present situation with the school head/principal. S/he works on school principles and guidelines. S/he reports directly to the academic coordinator/vice-principal/principal. She is ready to follow principal guidelines properly and accurately while distributing periods for each and every teacher. S/he is a meticulous personality.

Characteristic of Time-Table In charge


 Duties of Time-Table In charge

 Preparing school time table -coordination with principal

School time table should me designed concretely, accurately and rationally. Time table in charge discusses each and every thing with Principal (a) Subject distribution according to subject specialization and school need (b) Teacher’s teaching period

Prepare teacher time table coordination with principal

Time table in charge prepares time table for each and every teacher. It avoids clash among other teachers. Teacher keeps his/her own time-table. It helps teacher to reach classroom on time.

Update time table according to the school need

Time table in charge keeps school time table updating time to time. It may be possible that some teacher has left the school in a short notice/will be absent from school for 10-15 days/ recruiting of new teacher/sickness of other teacher etc. Time table in charge immediately reports to the higher authority.  Time table in charge updates teacher times tables/adjust time table times of these cases with immediate effect so that students study should not hamper.

Ensure that timing bell rings (Period wise) on time

Time table in charges ensures that bell machine works properly. It helps teacher to reach different classes/exchange classes from one class to another. It may be possible that machine stops working/technical problems start in bell machine or something else.

Inform teacher well in advanced regarding some changes in time table

Time table in charge should modify teachers’ time table well in advance in the time of school need. Two issues should be handled smartly (i)  modification in time table (ii) inform well in advance to the next teacher to avoid great academic loss of student

Ensure that no class should go vacant without teacher

A teacher may be absent from school on emergency basis/may have taken advanced leave from higher authority/may be more than one teacher absent from school for various reason. Time table in charge assigns substitution/proxy duty to other available teacher in the school. It may be possible that substitution teacher forget to reach classroom on time since it is not his/her regular period. TT in charge should develop mechanism to remind the teacher to reach classroom on time.

Report to principal regarding any discrepancy in time –table

TT in charge should develop a good rapport with the principal to avoid clash among other teacher. S/he should immediately report to the principal, if s/he finds any discrepancy in time table/teacher’s  reporting/teacher does not listen IC (TT)/teacher does not reach classroom on time/left the class before the time etc.

Time is precious. Making time table in school and ensuring punctuality among teacher are two core issues for providing quality education for each and every one in the school. It is prime concern of time table in charge to prepare a concrete time table for the school. A good school time table is an assurance for providing quality education to one and all. An alert and punctual time table in charge can make it possible.

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist

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Life Skills Teaching-Learning -Beneficial for Holistic Development of Child

Life Skills Education-Beneficial for Holistic Development of Child


Life skills are essential and integral part of education system. National Curriculum Frame work integrates all essential life skills. Educator integrates them in regular teaching learning process. S/he helps learners to identify them, learn those essential skills and implement them in real life situation. Educator sole aim is to fill the gap between textual knowledge and worldly knowledge. A wise educator correlates subjective knowledge in a real life context to develop life skills. It is possible by integrating two or more than two different subjects. Mathematics educator can integrate music or physical work while teaching mathematics.

Life Skills: Importance in Educational Experience


Life skills education seeks outcomes of changed attitude and behaviour.

Life skills education has been introduced in different ways in formal schools. NCF introduces life skills as a new subject and also integrated within the teaching practice and content of other subjects. It is also offered as extra or co-curricular activities.

Life Skills Curriculum:


Integrated life skills curriculum includes textual knowledge and skills; moreover it focuses on behaviour, attitudes and values.

Life skills curriculum is blended with students’ active participation, interactive teaching and learning methodologies.

Life Skills: Key concepts

  • Life skills: Refers to a large group of psychosocial and interpersonal skills that can help people make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and develop coping and self-management skills that may help lead a healthy and productive life.(Nations Children’s Fund, ‘Life Skills: Definition of terms’, web page, <>, accessed July 2011.)
  • Life skills education: Refers to educational interventions that seek to address the above areas.
  • Life skills-based education: Is a combination of learning experiences that aim to develop not only knowledge and attitudes, but also skills (i.e., life skills) that are needed to make decisions and take positive actions to change behaviours and environments.2
  • Skills focus: The focus on psychosocial capabilities for using knowledge (critical thinking, problem-solving), for being decisive and resilient (decision-making, motivation, resilience), and for living together (communication, empathy)
  • Livelihood skills: Refers to income generation and may include technical/vocational skills (carpentry, sewing, computer programming), job-seeking skills such as interviewing, business management skills, entrepreneurial skills, and skills to manage money

Essential Life Skills: – Categories of Life Skills


Problem Solving

Decision Making

Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking

Interpersonal Relationships

Effective Communication


Managing Feelings/Emotions

Dealing with Stress

 Learning life skills occur within and beyond a boundary wall of classroom. Parent, educator and society are crucial stakeholders to develop life skills. I find, ancient education system (Guru & Shisya tradition) was one of the fine example of developing life skills. Guru (educator) used to ask his disciples to arrange their own food or other things. Disciple used to face so many indifferent & intolerable situations to arrange, however they used to come up with various solutions to survive. Blending of academic activity into other various activities helped those disciples to lead successfully in various walks of life.

 Ways of Acquiring Life Skills 

  • Acquisition of life skills is a continuous and comprehensive process. Learning life skills heavily depend upon parent, teacher, institutional curriculum and surroundings. Individual learns relevant life skills through active participation, observation, real life experience and incorporating learning in a real life context.

  • Life skills are acquired through right learning and nurturing individual’s inherited capacity and latent capability.
  • Life skills are acquired when we provide a platform or an opportunity for them to learn and practice.

  • Individual learns life skills through awareness, alertness and by providing him/her required  training i.e “it may happen”/right techniques to tackle”
  • UNICEF’s ‘Life Skills Learning and Teaching: Principles, concepts and standards’, for instance, states that “alongside literacy and numeracy, life skills are essential learning outcomes of quality education.

United Nations Children’s Fund, Life Skills Learning and Teaching: Principles, concepts and standards, UNICEF, 2010.

Modern Education Systems develop and designs various interdisciplinary activities to instill and impart life skills. I firmly believe that, integration of life skills in pedagogical develops a learner into a fine human being.


Only a wise and a skilled educator can provide real ‘life skills’ learning experience to a learner otherwise an individual even learns something from a rikshapular, a beggar or a layman!


  • World Health Organization, Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, <>, WHO, 1986.
  • 14 World Health Organization, Life Skills Education in Schools, WHO Programme on Mental Health, WHO, 1997.
  • National Curriculum Framework( NCF,2005)
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Preparing Lesson Plan for Effective Classroom Teaching

Nobody  is inferior and nobody is superior, one is just oneself. Educator identifies inherent capacity of students. He nurtures the inherent talent to become more efficient and more skilled;  to do something more innovative, more expressive, more novel for the welfare of the universe. A classroom consists of mix group of learners i.e. academically good, average and below average  in academic performance. A classroom consists of different types of learners i.e. visual, auditory, aesthetic so on and so forth. Educator nurtures everyone in the class. He tries to include something more to enhance the learning aptitude and attitude of the students, however to teach academically brilliant/good students of the class demands a little more effort from an educator.

    1. Educator should plan a lesson before the class. Advance planning of topic/lesson helps educator to create learning environment in the classroom. Teacher should use best available materials to cater the need of brilliant students of the class.
    2. Best material related to the concerned teaching topic
    3. Advanced questions for good students i.e. worksheet, practice paper, HOTS questions
    4. Extenteded challenging alternative activites for good students to enhance thinking skills
    5. Proper time management for differents tasks and activities
    6. Share instructions precisely to avoid confusion in the class

planning a lesson