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5 Best Tips for Parents -How to Increase Child’s Interest for Study

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How do I make my son concentrate on his studies?

Great question——-a challenging task for parents and teachers————moreover a great task for Indian parent if the child is son——- no matter how much educated parent — no matter how much illiterate parent — a parent is a parent —-a mild heart—— spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions———————

21st century parents- especially ( age between 22+ to 40+) – who are enjoying the status of nucleus family — away from father and mother —- in other words — Pati- Patni — aur Ek Payara Sa BAchcha — Husband -wife and a lovely child —very passionate to watch You tube, Facebook and many more social sites —- a incomplete reader but a wise parent ————

  1. Every parent thinks that —” Itna Talented- Itna Genius Bachcha — Kanha se Paida ho Gaya— child is so smart — asks rational questions — remind Father/mother—- “Father – you are lier”— smart child — handling all the apps smartly — but — ah — poor in academic performance — less concentration — does not want to read — does not want to write — but always ready to watch You Tube
  2. REMEMBER —- Generally —-Normally ——-Either a child learns something (academic) in pressure or s/he learns something if she is self made child—————we find one child out of millions of children who is self made—— when we read or hear success story of a child ( mother peon/taxi driver/vegetable sellers) who becomes IAS, Qualifies IIT , NEET and other prestigious exam ————otherwise — normally a child performs well in studies in pressure —(pressure does not mean —- Pitayi—-or other types of punishment ) father and mother —- pressure can be in terms of minute observation —- sitting with child during study
  3. How can I make my teenage son to pay attention in studies?
  • Always sit with child during study time
  • Check child’s homework /classwork
  • Ensure your child’s homework/ classwork -up to the mark
  • Please switch off your phone during your son/daughter study time
  1. Set a rule for yourself

Look inside yourself —- introspect yourself — how can a parent ask his child — not to use mobile so much —- when a child observes that his father/mother always busy with mobile

Remember — Bhasan se Kaam Nahi chalega — words will not be valuable — if your child finds difference between your words and action — do not create a conflict personality ————thousands of examples can be written —- even you may know it ——

If you wish your child to pay attention in studies ——- BE A STUDENT—-during your child’s study time ————all problems will be solved ——— it works with every parent — no matter a parent’s — social status — and other things — you are literate or illiterate————Be a student at the time of your child———-

If a parent says ——no time for kids ——————— then no need to discuss above mentioned things ——————hard truth of life—- Money requires for education ——but education can be not purchased without spending time and money for your kids——on your kids ———IF you are ready to spend time ——-—————your teenage son will surely pay attention in studies———

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10 Easy Steps to Learn Mathematics- Students’ Problems and their Easy Solutions – Study Tips

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What are the steps to learn advance mathematics?

Hey Friend

Do you really want to learn mathematics? Mathematics is very interesting subject… the more you practice the more you start loving math————

  1. Learn all the mathematical formulas as prescribed in your syllabus
  2. Learn all the mathematical theorem as prescribed in your syllabus
  3. Always practice mathematical problems on notebook
  4. Always take help from peer to clear your doubts
  5. Always take help from your teacher to clear your doubts
  6. Always try to do practice of mathematical problems
  7. Avoid watching too much solutions on Youtube -start solving problems on paper
  8. Do mathematical problems daily, regularly and frequently —-moreover consistently
  9. Remember it is easy to write suggestion but it is hard to implement — the day a person implement it —s/he becomes an expert———-
  • If you really follow it — you will be master of mathematics —- Believe in yourself— believe in your hard work — believe in your dream — YOU CAN
10 Easy Steps to Learn Mathematics- Students' Problems and their Easy Solutions - Study Tips
10 Easy Steps to Learn Mathematics- Students’ Problems and their Easy Solutions – Study Tips

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7 Reasons for Getting Low Marks in Science Subject in Board Exam-School Students’ Problems and their Easy Solutions

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How do I cope up with the failure of getting low marks in class 12 science?

Have you noticed in your life — the reason for your failure — truly speaking — every one in this world is unique individual —- a little bit smart — a little bit confused — a little bit confidence – a little bit lack of confidence — no one is perfect, however everyone needs to work hard to reach the highest points of feeling of excellence ————we know our problem and we know our solution too—- but we do not want to work on it — the day a person starts working on his weakness and strength — the moment that person becomes unique personality —

Believe me we can do well in science too — no subject is too tough to learn- we can learn— we fail because we do not work very hard in that subject—- the reason can be thousands— lack of interest in that subject— lack of hard work – lack of practice —- lack of will power to do self study to make a particular uninteresting subject into an interesting subject— SELF STUDY— is the best medicine to overcome How do I cope up with the failure of getting low marks in class 12 science?

My questions are —

  1. how many times we study a particular chapter/ a particular subject/ a particular topic
  2. how can we say — i could not understand a concept/ a chapter without our struggle to learn
  3. how many times we learn something new/something complex without doing effort of learning
  4. how many times we tried to learn and did not learn
  5. how many times we examine our reason of failure although we worked hard
  6. how many times we examine our reason for lack of understanding
  7. how many times we examined our preparation, planning and execution  for better result
  8. how many times we worked on feedback/advice given by teachers/parents/peers

We can learn science if we really wish to learn — otherwise it is just like beating a spoiled drum without knowing its bad condition – we can do it — just need to do work hard..

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