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CBSE Affiliation Guidelines to Schools and Inspection Committees for Inspection for Provisional Affiliation

cbse bye laws 2018

Central Board of Secondary Education

CBSE Affiliation Bye-Laws



CBSE Affiliation up to Secondary School/ Senior Secondary

Appendix I- (Page no: 69-70)


 CBSE Affiliation Bye-Laws is the main document for the CBSE affiliated school. CBSE Affiliation Bye-Laws mentioned Guidelines to Schools and Inspection Committees for Inspection for Provisional Affiliation” etc. in Appendix I- (Page no: 69-70). School management and principal of upcoming schools/newly operated schools should take utmost care for preparing these essentials documents for ensuring CBSE affiliation for their schools. They should frequently visit on CBSE Official website  and e-affiliation websites for updated information regarding preparing necessary documents for proceeding affiliation process.

Appendix I

  1. The schools awaiting inspection for approval of middle class syllabus /provisional affiliation/upgradation should make available the following information/ records /documents duly completed for Inspection Committee they will mention about these aspects in their Inspection Report.
  2. The Constitution of the Society /Trust/# Company Registered under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 running the school copy; of the certificate of registration; names of the members of the Society / Trust/# Company Registered under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 with occupation and address (Affidavit regarding relationship among the members).
  3. Composition of the School Managing Committee, names of the members of the School Managing Committee with occupations and addresses and its formation should be as per guidelines given in Chapter VI. Affidavits etc. with regard to relation of the members of the School Managing Committee. with each other be obtained and verified.
  4. Statement of income and expenditure of the school, and the balance sheet; copy of the audited accounts of the past three years, sources of income (regular or otherwise) for development or expansion of existing facilities ,library , laboratories, play fields etc.
  5. An up to date statement showing the names and qualifications, date of birth of the Principal and teachers and allotment of teaching work in the Secondary/ Senior Secondary Classes. In the case of unaided privately managed schools, the degrees, diplomas or certificates, in original of the members of the staff must be shown to the Inspection Committee. The Inspection Committee should certify of having seen the original certificates / degrees etc. carefully for each member of the staff.
  6. Proof in respect of subjects offered for graduation in respect of trained graduate teachers teaching classes IX-X and post graduate teachers teaching classes XI-XII with preferably original mark sheet from the Universities from which they got their degrees. A statement should be obtained in the prescribed proforma.
  7. Service agreement with employees: salaries paid to the staff: scale of pay and allowances which should at least be at par with corresponding categories of teachers employed in Government institutions; disbursement of salaries to be made by cheques at the beginning of the month, but not later than 10th of each month; provision of the Provident Fund and other benefits to the employees be verified. The service agreement should be as per Board’s norms / State or U.T. Government norms:
# Rule amended in the Affiliation committee’s meeting held on 16th May 2007 and approved by the Governing Body at its meeting held on 29th June 2007.
  1. Reserve Fund: whether this has been maintained and its details or whether the school has funds to maintain the same, if affiliation is granted.
  2. Building and class rooms: Proof regarding possessing 2 acres of land, general suitability of the land and building for school purposes; adequacy of class-rooms: availability of spare rooms for co-curricular activities as per norms prescribed.
  3. Library facilities: dimensions of the stack room and of the reading room; number of books with details regarding the cost of books, indicating also the different categories of books; annual budgets for the library; number of the magazines subscribed to etc. as per norms prescribed in these Bye-laws.
  4. Laboratories: dimensions and number of laboratories for the different science subjects; equipment; apparatus and chemicals as prescribed by the Board; annual budget for expansion of facilities in the laboratories.
  5. Physical and Health Education: details of play grounds available; other recreational facilities; provision for medical check-up; availability of a school doctor.
  6. Recognition of the Middle School by the Education Department: approval of syllabus of Middle Classes; copy of certificate of recognition /approval; no objection certificate.
  7. Statement of number of pupils: class and section-wise enrollment separately of boys and girls and total enrollment with pupil teacher ratio.
  8. Record of internal assessment: record of third language results in Class-VIII/ X; record of Work Experience, Art Education, Physical and Health Education activities etc.
  9. Health and sanitary conditions: health and sanitary conditions certificate from the municipal authorities, fire safety and safe drinking water certificates.
  10. Prospective plans: in case school is expanding from class VIII to become a Secondary School’ or from Secondary to Senior Secondary; plans detailed information on sources of finance and availability of additional land etc.
  11. ! Fulfillment of conditions laid down by the Board earlier, evidence to be provided to the Inspection Committee (applicable in the case of subsequent inspections only)
Note: The information regarding the above items should be prepared and certified by the Manager/Correspondent and the Principal for handing over to the Inspection Committee (two folders) which will forward a copy of the same along with its report in duplicate to the Board.


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