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Lesson Plan -Questions Yourself -Tips for Writing an Effective Lesson Plan

Planning a Lesson

Lesson Plan  -Wise Teacher Asks 27  Logical Questions Before  Planning a New Lesson


A wise teacher prepares well his/her teaching topics. S/he evaluates his learners’ need well in advance. A wise educator always weighs each aspect of teaching learning process clearly before entering in the classroom/meeting students in the classroom. A wise educator asks him/herself following questions?


Rajeev Ranjan


Preparing Lesson Plan for Effective Classroom Teaching


Lesson Plan : Importance and Benefits of an Effective Lesson Planning

Lesson Plan Question yourself before planning a lesson

6 thoughts on “Lesson Plan -Questions Yourself -Tips for Writing an Effective Lesson Plan

  1. Thank you for sharing sir. We all should keep in mind these tips before planning a lesson for teaching. It’s very important to know the student’s level of understanding before teaching them. Such kind of lesson planning can help the teachers to prepare readiness in their students to learn something. It’s very important for the students to be ready and enthusiastic in the classroom to learn anything.

    1. Great —Thank you so much Preeti

      1. It’s my honor sir.

  2. Great work sir thanx for sharing this kind of work…. superb 👌👌👌👌👌

  3. An ideal teacher has a weapen that is planning tool. Your tool is very useful.

    1. Thank you so much

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