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How to Speak in English-Best Tips for Non-Native English Speaker Students

“How to Speak in English”

Best Tips for Non-Native English Speaker Students

English is a global language. It is means of communication. English is a source of enrichment of knowledge.

English is a global language. It is means of communication. English is a source of enrichment of knowledge. If you know English, it means you can gather vast information from different sources which are available in English in print as well as electronic medium. English enriches our personality. No matter whosoever you are; in terms of professions and where do you live however, you can maximize your presence locally and globally if you know “How to Speak in English”. If English is essence of life then we should start learning English right now. Let us add a star in your personality by starting speaking in English. Learning English is so simple. In the beginning never ever worry to commit mistakes. Commit hundreds of mistakes in a day while conversing with your classmates, teachers and the principal. In fact, gradually your mistakes may reach up to zero level. Try to converse with your friends in the classroom, corridors, play ground and even while sharing chips, biscuit, cold drink, chocolate and samosa with your friend in the canteen area. Do you know that we can talk to our friends in the classroom in English if you are very excited to share something with friend seating besides you in presence or absence of your teachers. If speaking in English is so simple can we start doing fun by sharing everything in English with everyone in the campus? Let us start:-  I am not give my chocolate to you oh no! I do not give my chocolate to you. Let us communicate in English, commit mistakes however; we will always talk in English. 

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist 

English Speaking Skill -Promoting English Speaking Skill in Non-Native Speakers

English Speaking Skill-Basic English conversation learning for beginners

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English Speaking Skill Tips -A Short Story of Sonia

English Speaking Skill Tips
Sonia and Ranjan come from a remote village Mor. Sonia’s father is a farmer and Ranjan’s father is a shopkeeper, however their father feels very happy when they listen that their children are talking in English about school at home. Sonia is so simple girl. She wants to share thoughts and gives speech in the morning assembly. She shares her desire to her math teacher. Her math teacher Niranjan suggests that if you practice to speak in English regularly then you will become the smartest girl of the school. Sonia got nice ideas that firstly she will practice to speak in ENGLISH at the school, secondly she will not hesitate to talk in ENGLISH friends, classmates, and teachers, and thirdly she will not be afraid of others what they think if she speaks wrong sentences or if she picks up wrong words while speaking in English. These ideas gave her confidence. Sonia started speaking in ENGLISH all the time. She started talking in English with friends and teachers even she used to speak in ENGLISH with her friends while returning to home by the school bus. Slowly –slowly Sonia becomes master in communication skill. She conducts assembly, shares thoughts and gives speech on various occasions. Everyone of her class was surprised to see that nowadays Sonia became so much confident. She came first in all the subjects in FA3 examination. Earlier Ranjan used to speak in ENGLISH but nowadays he becomes careless and lazy. Sonia got the best speaker award on FA 3 Award Day Function. She shared the story of her success that in the beginning she faced so many problems i.e. no one speaks English at her home, her friends made fun on her English speaking, sometimes teacher scolded her but she practices, practices and practices to speak in ENGLISH. Be like Sonia—————“Let us communicate in English all the time”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””