How do I make my son concentrate on his studies?

Great question——-a challenging task for parents and teachers————moreover a great task for Indian parent if the child is son——- no matter how much educated parent — no matter how much illiterate parent — a parent is a parent —-a mild heart—— spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions———————

21st century parents- especially ( age between 22+ to 40+) – who are enjoying the status of nucleus family — away from father and mother —- in other words — Pati- Patni — aur Ek Payara Sa BAchcha — Husband -wife and a lovely child —very passionate to watch You tube, Facebook and many more social sites —- a incomplete reader but a wise parent ————

  1. Every parent thinks that —” Itna Talented- Itna Genius Bachcha — Kanha se Paida ho Gaya— child is so smart — asks rational questions — remind Father/mother—- “Father – you are lier”— smart child — handling all the apps smartly — but — ah — poor in academic performance — less concentration — does not want to read — does not want to write — but always ready to watch You Tube
  2. REMEMBER —- Generally —-Normally ——-Either a child learns something (academic) in pressure or s/he learns something if she is self made child—————we find one child out of millions of children who is self made—— when we read or hear success story of a child ( mother peon/taxi driver/vegetable sellers) who becomes IAS, Qualifies IIT , NEET and other prestigious exam ————otherwise — normally a child performs well in studies in pressure —(pressure does not mean —- Pitayi—-or other types of punishment ) father and mother —- pressure can be in terms of minute observation —- sitting with child during study
  3. How can I make my teenage son to pay attention in studies?
  • Always sit with child during study time
  • Check child’s homework /classwork
  • Ensure your child’s homework/ classwork -up to the mark
  • Please switch off your phone during your son/daughter study time
  1. Set a rule for yourself

Look inside yourself —- introspect yourself — how can a parent ask his child — not to use mobile so much —- when a child observes that his father/mother always busy with mobile

Remember — Bhasan se Kaam Nahi chalega — words will not be valuable — if your child finds difference between your words and action — do not create a conflict personality ————thousands of examples can be written —- even you may know it ——

If you wish your child to pay attention in studies ——- BE A STUDENT—-during your child’s study time ————all problems will be solved ——— it works with every parent — no matter a parent’s — social status — and other things — you are literate or illiterate————Be a student at the time of your child———-

If a parent says ——no time for kids ——————— then no need to discuss above mentioned things ——————hard truth of life—- Money requires for education ——but education can be not purchased without spending time and money for your kids——on your kids ———IF you are ready to spend time ——-—————your teenage son will surely pay attention in studies———

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Rajeev Ranjan