Wise educationist develops an integrated teacher. Teacher trainer may appear a hard task master during providing formal training to the prospective teacher but his minute observation helps educator to deliver quality education in a better way. A master teacher trainer equips his trainee all qualitative skills. He endows his trainees with right men, method and materials for imparting qualitative education for one and all.

Importance of Assessment for Learning Outcomes

I was amazed and puzzled to see the answer sheet evaluated by my master trainer during my training programme. What a wonderful and minute evaluators they were! They used to mark even minor mistakes of a mature teacher. We were almost in late 20s and early 30s, having 4-5 years of teaching experience in different parts of country. Our trainer used to mark our mistakes like a/an, in/on, ei/ie. We used to wander that a professor minutely checks our answer sheets. In fact, it was a great experience and learning for all of us.
Nowadays, when we see the lower quality of correction by school teachers; it does not surprise us. Evaluators are not trained to form meaningful questions. Teacher evaluates student answer sheet for the sake of evaluating. They do not know where they want to reach.

A teacher trainer deals with mature personality. It is very hard to convince them and to train them for the welfare of society and nation. It is difficult to prepare them as a complete teacher. It is the teacher who lights up the future of nation young generation.

Aim and Objective of Assessment

Assessment and evaluation have clear aim and objective. We evaluate individual’s abilities or progress towards fulfilling the aims of education. When we talk about a real sense of assessment, we consider a student’s learning ability in different domains. We evaluate a child’s comprehensive learning ability. A good evaluator integrates examination with classroom life by encouraging transparency in assessment.

Going through my own answer sheet, I reflected back to our master trainer’s personality.

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist