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Career, Courses and Jobs in Biotechnology


Key words-
medical biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, plant biotechnology, cellular biotechnology, fermentation biotechnology, food biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, virology, bioinformatics, cell biology, biopolymers, food chemistry, ethical problems concerning gene modification,  the medical effects on environmental biotechnology,

Introduction of Biotechnology

If you

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Respect-Values of Life-Students-Character-Building

“Respect” an essential human value

Ten Tips for Character Building in School

Character building through value of “Respect”

Educator designs a person’s personality. Our character is a reflection of our thinking process. Educator nurtures our character. He shows us right Read More --->

Notebook correction checklist for school teacher

Notebook correction checklist for school teacher

Notebook is essential document of student learning. Teacher’s prime job is to ensure quality teaching in the classroom. Student’s notebook is one the best means to observe effect of our teaching. To write keys points,

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