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How do Children Grow and Learn?

Ten Key Points on How do Children Grow and Learn?

  1. Healthy physical development, including adequate nutrition and sensory and emotional stimulation, is crucial for optimal learning.
  2. Children are natural learners, driven by curiosity and a desire to understand the world
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Who is Rajeev Ranjan?


Who is Rajeev Ranjan?

Rajeev Ranjan is an Indian educationist, writer, blogger, and counselor. He is the founder of, a website that provides a variety of resources on education, including articles, blog posts, videos, and lesson plans.

Ranjan is

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How technology is shaping the future of education


“How technology is shaping the future of education”

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, transforming various aspects of society, including education. The integration of technology in education has evolved significantly over the years, revolutionizing the way students

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PRE Skills Assessment Test

Parent Relationship Executive (PRE)

Ten Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on PREs Skill Assessment Test

1. What is the primary role of a PRE in a school setting?

a) Teaching students

b) Managing finances

c) Facilitating communication between parents and the school

d) Maintaining

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