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Category: English Language Teaching

EFL Teacher Expectation for Fully Digital World


Feel the pulse of today’s world

Times have changed, teachers have evolved, and we now have a new breed of learning technologists.

Technology is changing our world. Routine knowledge and skills are being automated, digitised and outsourced. (Cambridge)

You are

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How to Write a Message

Message Writing-Format-Examples-Rules-Exercise

message writing format-example -rules

Message Writing

Message is a means of communication. Generally, message consists of two to three people. Usually, if a person receives a call-in absence of a person, s/he needs to write the message to the concern person or … Read More --->

How to Write a Notice

Notice writing

A notice is written by an individual, a group, an organization or a body to draw the attention of the readers to a certain issue that needs immediate attention or active participation. All the required information must be given in Read More --->

How to Write a Story

Creative Writing Skill

Short Story

Oxford Dictionary mentioned below the meaning of “Story”

  1. a description of people and events that are not real
  2. an account, especially a spoken one, of something that has happened
  3. a description of true events that
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