Mandatory Certificates and Documents for CBSE Affiliation Process

Categories of application

● Approval for Middle Class Syllabus
● Fresh Affiliation Up to Secondary Level
● Fresh Affiliation up to Senior Secondary Level
● Fresh Affiliation upto Secondary Level Switch over from Other Boards (Only Schools who are already affiliated to another Board)
● Fresh Affiliation upto Senior Secondary Level Switch over from Other Boards (Only Schools who are already affiliated to another Board)
● Up-gradation to Secondary Level
● Up-gradation to Senior Secondary Level
● Extension of Affiliation
● Permission of site shifting
● Restoration of affiliation
● Permission of two Shifts
● Section Increase
● Introduction of Additional Subject (Science for Sr Sec level)
● Permission of name change of school / Society / trust
● Transfer of school from one society / trust to another
● Permission to increase/decrease/correction of land area of school

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The school should possess the following mandatory documents required for Fresh Affiliation for Independent Schools:-

1. No Objection Certificate subject to the notification issued by the State and to the effect that State Government has no objection to the affiliation of the School with CBSE and NOC should mention classes for which it is issued.

2. Recognition Certificate with its validity as on date, issued by concerned State Education Department as per extant rules and provisions contained in RTE Act-2009.

3. Land Certificate STRICTLY as per the Appendix –X of Circular no. 12/2022 of the Affiliation Bye-laws. The certificate should have been issued not more than 1 year before the date of application

The Competent Authority to issue the land certificate is – DM/ADM/SDM / Tehsildar/ Naib – Tehsildar/ Registrar/ Sub-Registrar or any other equivalent authority competent to issue such certificate. The land certificate must be as per format prescribed and no other format will be acceptable. Non submission of the certificate in the prescribed format may lead to rejection of the application.

4. Fire Safety Certificate to be issued by the Govt. Fire Safety Department/ Authorised Officer of the Local Bodies such as Municipal Corporation as per prescribed norms with validity (validity as on date of final submission of application) in the name of school only. Letter/Certificate/opinion regarding installation or possession of Fire Safety equipments/ extinguisher shall not be treated as a Fire Safety Certificate.

5. Building Safety Certificate as per prescribed format in Appendix- XI of Circular no. 12/2022 to be issued by an officer not below the rank of an Assistant Engineer of the Government works department. The Building Safety Certificate must include details of all the Blocks and the number of floors in all the building blocks in the school.

6. Building plan by Architect (Optional)

7. Certificate of Registration of Society/Trust/Company running the school, issued by a competent Government authority.

8. Safe Drinking Water and Sanitary Condition Certificate – Please refer Annexure-C of SARAS Manual for proforma of safe drinking water and sanitary condition certificate which has to be issued by an officer not below the rank of an Assistant Engineer of the Government Public Health Department(PHED), Authorised Officer of the Local Bodies accompanied by a water test report of the school from an authorized laboratory.

9. System Generated Self- certification signed by principal & Manager of the school and duly countersigned by the authorized signatory


1. It is suggested that as far as possible, the certificates be submitted in the formats prescribed

(For Safe Drinking water certificate, please refer Annexure-C of SARAS Manual)

2. The land certificate should be submitted strictly as per the prescribed format.

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