Tips and strategies by CBSE Toppers for scoring more than 90 percent

Hard work, strong will power, confidence, caliber, discipline, determination and strong desire to achieve something great in life are keys to succeed in our life. What can be the demarcation line for being successful? Is it to get full marks? Is it to develop better understanding of prescribed syllabus? Is it to get admission in reputed educational institutions? CBSE New Delhi announced class 10th & 12th result a few days back. Thousands of students scored more than 95 marks. A number of students scored 100 percent marks in different subjects in all over India.  To score 100% marks is undoubtedly a great difficult task for anyone. Scoring 100% marks in any board, in any examination, and in any country is a result of discipline, determination and consistent hard work. Is it a mystery? Is it a myth or magic to get the highest marks?

When a student scores the highest marks in an entrance test, in a board examination, in a class test and in a competitive examination qualifier test, then several common questions strike in our mind i.e.

How did she/he plan for the test?

How did she/he prepare for the test?

How did she/he manage time for the test?

How did she/he study for the test?

What types of textual materials she/he reads for the test?

How did she/he prepare notes for the test?

What was the role of parents during study?

How did she/he handle examination stress and pressure?

A common man may have thousands of queries and questions about a successful man but one common characteristic behind every successful man is his zeal to work hard consistently. Each and every successful man endorses the beauty of consistent hard work. Students, school, teachers, parent and neighbors have high expectation for board result. Student works hard from day 1st at the beginning of new academic session. S/he has high expectation and high aspiration to achieve the highest score among thousands of students.


Students work hard day and night to score good marks. In fact, an examination is not final destination for students; however it leads towards a goal to live a respectful life during the result time. Good result is a symbol of self respect. Good result boosts up student’s confidence. It is indeed a reward for his/her hard work and consistent attitude. Good result is instant energy for students, parents, schools, teachers and other society members. It is in fact positive rays for all other stakeholders. Life never ends after an examination, but surely its results have long lasting positive and negative impact on students and other stakeholders.  (परीक्षा के बाद जीवन कभी खत्म नहीं होता है, लेकिन निश्चित रूप से इसके परिणाम छात्रों और अन्य हितधारकों पर लंबे समय तक सकारात्मक और नकारात्मक प्रभाव डालते हैं। राजीव रंजन)

Learning is a complex phenomenon. Any learning demands self interests, inquisitiveness, positive attitude, agility, diligence and determination at any stages of life. If we want to achieve great score in an examination, we need to work hard from day 1st of a new academic session. We need to work on complete syllabus. Each and every subject’s lessons are equally importance so we should leave a learning topic untouched on the mercy of God. CBSE class 10th and 12th shared their wisdom on different occasion. Surely we can learn from these great performers. What do national level toppers think and how did they execute their planning for achieving highest marks in board examinations?

Complete “Syllabus”

Learning part and portion of a syllabus is incomplete way for an examination preparation. Syllabus is designed to cover in a certain period. Proper planning and execution of planning with the help of good study materials can help students to achieve good score. Good students study complete prescribed syllabus. They try to develop better understanding of complete syllabus. One of the CBSE class 10th topper SreeLakshmi said that there was no big secret to her method of preparation and that the ‘good-ol-completing’ the syllabus at the time was the trick was the only principle she stuck to. She added that she never deprived herself of breaks, music, and movies in order to focus on her studies. Sukriti Gupta (99.4%) from Delhi CBSE Topper Class XII 2016 advised to “follow NCERT books strictly, not fall into study 14 hours a day trap and not expect any last minute miracles”.

“Self study”


Basically there is no alternative to hard work. Proper time management and proper practice help an individual to feel the beauty of being a successful person. One of the toppers of class10th CBSE board examination Prakhar stated that he did not take any tuition. He believed in self study. He insisted that there is no need to study so many hours for scoring the highest marks only we need to study with full focus and concentration. Rimzhim Agarwal CBSE Topper Class X 2018 said she was expecting this “kind of result” since she had given her best and had good expectations for her scores. Through the year, she refrained from joining any tuition classes and opted for self-study at home.  Sreelakshmi G CBSE Topper Class X 2018 insisted that One needs to study from Day 1. Never rely on tomorrow and study every day. This was my main motto and this is how I motivated myself throughout the year. My school teachers were very helpful as they taught me everything with patience. I gave regular mock tests during the days leading up to my board exams.” Bhumi(99.4%) CBSE Topper Class XII 2017 stated in an interview “I was flexible with my routine. I used to study for 4-5 hours daily and revise my lessons regularly.” Aditya (99.2%) CBSE Topper Class XII 2017 shared his success mantra in an interview. He said, “”Dedication and commitment towards studies from the very beginning is important. You have to study hard and not leave it for the last 2-3 months before the exams.”  He said having a time-table and giving equal weightage to every subject are very important.

You don’t need tuition. Hard work and focus is enough, says Mohammad Ismat, CBSE, 12th Board, All-India Topper, 2012. Further he added “I did not take private tuition nor was my family able to afford expensive reference books. Instead I gained knowledge from library books and whatever I was taught inside the classroom. I think that, by itself, is enough for someone to do well in their exams. M Gayatri CBSE Topper Class XII 2015 (Delhi region) is a firm believer of doing self study. To get that kind of result Gayatri said she put in 6 hours of daily study, divided into 2 hours in the morning and 4 in the evening.

We can score high marks with consistent efforts. Self study is the best method of learning. It is complete one to one interaction to the self with the help of textbook. Self study helps us to develop an insight for the self and the syllabus.

Consistent Hard Work

Develop a habit for reading consistently for whole year; no matter even if only two hours in a day. I never find a miraculous person in my life who has achieved great result in an academic field by working hard at 11th hours of examination. Working very hard before an examination is completely destroying one’s self because magic happens with once and at once in millions of people, otherwise a person who studies consistently for whole academic year; s/he only creates wonder in life. A wise student studies rationally and practice well before an examination for a better result. Bhumi(99.4 %) CBSE Topper Class XII 2017 shared her success secret stating, “She never put herself under any kind of pressure “but remained focused on what I had to do. Consistent study is important. I never thought too much about the results. I knew I had put in hard work and was confident of doing well. My hard work has paid off”.

Planning and Preparation

Science student Nikhil Chaturvedi(98.2%) CBSE Topper Class XII 2012 shared, “It really doesn’t matter how long you study or what you study, it is about how.” It depends from person to person. Most of good students prepare ahead for developing learning authenticity on prescribed syllabus. They develop a nice time management skill. Smart students know their own nomenclature for completing several tasks within the time. .

 Previous Year Question Papers

Bhumi Sawant (99.4 %) CBSE Topper Class XII 2017 shared her success secret and stated that she had solved a lot of CBSE sample papers and practice papers before the exams. Practice is the key to success. No matter how much you study, you can’t score well in board exam until and unless you have not practiced with pen and paper before appearing for the exam. Therefore, it is important that you must solve as many sample papers as you can before appearing for the actual exam.  Somuya Patel UP Board Class 12th topper 2016 insisted that solving previous year papers boosted her level of preparation. When you will go through previous year papers, you will find that some concepts are frequently asked in board exams, every year. You need to track such important concepts from every chapter and go through them as they might be asked again in board exam. Raksha Gopal (99.6%) CBSE Topper Class XII 2017 shared her experience with media persons and told them that she focused well her subjects and solved as many papers as she could. It is important that students should focus on doing well in each and every exam.

Never remain in doubt.

If you dont understand something, always ask for clarifications instead. If you are clear with all your concepts then the last few months of revision will be easier and serve more as a kind of reinforcement. Mohammad Ismat, CBSE, 12th Board, All-India Topper, 2012. Classroom is the best place to clear our doubts in different subjects. Subject teacher can be the best resource person to enter into “doubt clearance zone”.

 Social Media Platform

21st century Geo Data enabled generations find very hard to keep away from social media sharing and caring. Their intrinsic and outer motivation heavily depends on likes and comments they get after photo sharing/selfi sharing on different social media platform i.e. Face book, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram.  Good students sacrifice their intrinsic motivation and control their impulsive emotions to keep themselves away from social media platform for achieving something high in their life. They consider social media platform as attention destroyer and time killer. 10th topper Yana Gupta who scored the highest in Jaipur (98.8%) said that she did not like having a mobile phone and did not operate any social media accounts. She stayed away from social media as she isn’t interested in it. She told that “she had studied for four hours after school, and that, I feel, is enough if you are regular,” she said. “I don’t have an account on any of the social media platforms.” CBSE Class XIIth Toppers in 2017 shared a common thing about the use of social media. They told that they avoided use of social media. In fact, they considered it as wastage of time. Bhumi(99.4%), Aditya (99.2%)and Mannat (99.2%)used their mothers’ mobile phones to get information on social media and were not given personal mobile phones by their parents. “Social media indulgence wastes a lot of time. I did not use any application,” says Mannat Luthra.

Each individual is unique in this world. No one is similar to anyone. Learning is also a unique and complex phenomenon. Magic seldom occurs in a life of warrior. Warrior believes in preparing, planning and executing everything at right time and at right place. Warrior works very hard consistently for getting his desired goal. Wise student believes in himself. No barriers and no difficult circumstances stop a warrior to win the battle. Be a warrior! Just execute your planning in a right direction to achieve your target. You Can!

 Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist


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