CBSE Class 10 Result- Detailed Evaluation & Assessment for Parents, Teachers and School

                                                   CBSE Class 10 Result 2018

Hard work is the key to success. Students, school, teachers, parent and neighbors have high expectation for board result. Student works hard from day 1st at the beginning of new academic session. S/he has high expectation and high aspiration to achieve the highest score among thousands of students. CBSE, New Delhi is the trusted and authentic educational body of Indian government.

1990 decade witnessed a new assessment pattern. New assessment pattern equally distributed marks for objective and subjective questions pattern. Students started achieving high marks in board exam. Almost 1, 31,493 students scored more than 90% and 27,476 students out of  16, 24, 682 scored more than 95 percent in all over India but highest achievers possess positive aptitude  and attitude towards achieving their goals. They have their own vision and mission to do hard work. Good students do proper planning, proper time management and execute plans systematically throughout the year. Good students sacrifice their comfort level and work very hard. They consistently do self study to develop own understanding level for complete prescribed syllabus.

 This is 2nd decade of 21st century. People only discuss the highest scorer. Prakhar Mittal, Rimjhim Agrawal, Nandinin Garg and SriLekha Ji are four first position holders at national level. All four Indian GEMS scored 499/500.  Seven students secured the second position with 498/500 marks and 14 students secured third position with 497/500 marks. 27,476 students out of 16, 24, 682 scored more than 95 percent in all over India.   

It is in fact, not surprising that 1.31 lacs students scored more than 90% marks out of more than 16 lacs students all over India.  According to CBSE New Delhi, around 16, 24, 682 students appeared for the Xth board examination out of which 14, 08, 594 students passed. The overall pass percentage in 2018 is 86.70 percent.  17,567 CBSE New Delhi affiliated schools students participated in 10th Board examination over all India. Each year pass percentage of girl goes high. This year 88.67percent girls passed and pass percentage of boys students stuck at 85.32 percent according to CBSE New Delhi.

When we talk about CBSE region wise pass percentage in class 10th board examination Triuannatpuram region’s pass cercentage is 99.60, second position Chennai region 94.37 and third position Ajmer region pass percentage is only 91.86 percent. Bhubaneshwar region secured fourth position with 88.12 percent out of ten CBSE regions.

 Students work hard day and night to score good marks. In fact, an examination is not final destination for students; however it leads towards a goal to live a respectful life during the result time. Good result is a symbol of self respect. Good result boosts up student’s confidence. It is indeed a reward for his/her hard work and consistent attitude. Good result is instant energy for students, parents, schools, teachers and other society members. It is in fact positive rays for all other stakeholders. Life never ends after an examination but surely its positive and negative results have long lasting impact for students and other stakeholders.

Key facts and figures of (2017-18) 10th Class Board Examination Result -CBSE New Delhi

 SN Facts Remarks
CBSE New Delhi – Class 10th Board Examination 2017-18
17,567 CBSE New Delhi affiliated schools students participated in 10th Board examination over all India
16, 24, 682 students appeared for class 10th board examination 2017-18
4,460 exam centres were located at different part of India
14, 08, 594 students passed out of  16, 24, 682
Four students scored 499/500 –All India 1st Rank Holder
Seven students scored 498/500 – All India 2nd Rank Holder
Fourteen students scored 497/500-All India 3rd  Rank Holder
86.70 percent  students passed  in all over   India
88.67 percent girl students passed in all over India
85.32 percent  boy students passed in all over India
90.95 percent students passed in all over India in (2017) Comparison
96.21 percent students passed in all over India in (2016) Comparison
27,476 students out of  16, 24, 682 scored more than 95 percent in all over India
1,31,493 students scored more than 90% marks out of16, 24, 682 students all over India
92.55 percent differently-abled students passed
98.32 per cent students cleared the CBSE Class 10 exam in Foreign Schools
Region-wise pass percentage: Top 5 Regions

1.     Thiruvananthapuram – 99.60%

2.     Chennai – 97.37%

3.     Ajmer – 91.86%

4.     Bhubaneshwar 88.12%

5.     Patna 87.80%

 CBSE Regional Centre Result Comparison
Institution-wise Comparative Performance (class X) 2018

1.     JNV – 97.31%

2.     KVS – 95.96%

3.     INDEPENDENT – 89.49%

4.     CTSA – 86.43%

5.     GOVT – 63.97%

6.     GOVT AIDED – 73.46%


 CBSE NEW DELHI Affiliated Schools Comparison
Around 1,86,067 (i.e. 11.45 per cent) students have been placed in compartment


Basically there is no alternative to hard work. Proper time management and proper practice help an individual to feel the beauty of being a successful person. One of the toppers of class10th CBSE board examination Prakhar stated that he did not take any tuition. He believed in self study. He insisted that there is no need to study so many hours for scoring the highest marks only we need to study with full focus and concentration. We can score high marks with consistent efforts. Self study is the best method of learning. It is complete one to one interaction with the help of textbook. Self study helps us to develop an insight for the self and syllabus. (प्रखर कहते हैं कि उन्होंने कभी ट्यूशन नहीं लिया. बल्कि खुद ही पढ़ाई की. वो सेल्फ स्टडी को अहम बताते हैं. प्रखर कहते हैं, “अच्छे नंबर लाने के लिए घंटों पढ़ने की ज़रूरत नहीं पड़ती है. फ़ोकस के साथ कम समय में पढ़कर भी एक्ज़ाम में अच्छा किया जा सकता है.” (BBC Hindi)

Develop a habit for reading consistently for whole year; no matter even if only one hour in a day. I never find a miraculous person in my life who has achieved great result in an academic field by working hard at 11th hours of examination. Working very hard before an examination is completely destroying one’s self because magic happens with once and at once in millions of people, otherwise a person who studies consistently for whole academic year; s/he only creates wonder in life. A wise student studies rationally and practice well before an examination for a better result

 Learning part and portion of a syllabus is incomplete way for an examination preparation. Syllabus is designed to cover in a certain period. Proper planning and execution of planning with the help of good study materials can help students to achieve good score. Good students study complete prescribed syllabus. They try to develop better understanding of complete syllabus. One of the CBSE class 10th topper SreeLakshmi said that there was no big secret to her method of preparation and that the ‘good-ol-completing’ the syllabus at the time was the trick was the only principle she stuck to. She added that she never deprived herself of breaks, music, and movies in order to focus on her studies.

10th topper Yana Gupta who scored the highest marks  in Jaipur (98.8%) said that she did not like having a mobile phone and did not operate any social media accounts. She stayed away from social media as she isn’t interested in it. She told that “she had studied for four hours after school, and that, I feel, is enough if you are regular,” she said. “I don’t have an account on any of the social media platforms.”

Nature wise, each student cares his/her future and wants to do well in studies, but conversion of thinking into action on real ground makes all the differences****** There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning. (Jiddu Krishnamurti) So what is next?


Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist


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