Classroom Management:- Tips and Techniques for Maximizing Students’ Learning Experience

Teacher’s expertise lies in managing a mix group of students smartly for ensuring the best learning outcome. Teacher’s subject expertise, well advanced proper planning before entering in the classroom, his ideas to integrate technology, his better time management skill and his better communication skill enhance students’ learning experience in the classroom.

A better classroom management skill demands a lot of hard work and proper practice before organizing actual teaching learning activity in the classroom. We are unique individuals. We possess different unique self skills for completing task systematically. Some of teaching styles of a teacher can be different  depending on his cultural location; however some unique features of a teacher remain same throughout world.

What should be done for maximizing learning in the classroom? What does a wise teacher do to ensure qualitative teaching learning in the classroom?

Planning before entering in the classroom

A wise teacher thinks about complexity level of teaching topics, students’ understanding level, supportive activities, and resource materials and his scheduled teaching time while preparing lesson in advance. Advance lesson planning helps educator to organize class as s/he wished to organize. Advance lesson planning helps educator to become a facilitator of learning in a students’ centered classroom.

Create learning environment in the classroom

Learning is a complex phenomenon. Learning different concepts, theory, methods and techniques in different subjects are really challenging for students. They are already in pressure to develop better understanding. Wise teacher creates a students’ learning friendly environment to make them alert for attentive listening and active for participating in learning process. Wise teacher uses different tools and techniques for making them alert learners i.e. learners’ friendly gestures in the beginning of class, sharing anecdotes, asking very simple questions related to students’ previous knowledge and their previous learning experiences.

Teaching through illustration and elucidation

Wise teacher works very hard, do ample practice and rational revision to have a command on teaching topic. Command on subject increases confidence level of a teacher which further helps  him to cater the need of academically poor performer as well as gifted students’ requirement in the classroom. Teacher teaches difficult topic in a light mood but precisely focused on teaching topic. Word to word and concept to concept teaching may make students lethargy. Wise teacher gives rational illustration and elucidate particular topic by correlating to past status and its implementation in present scenario. The moment students find learning topic relevant, interesting and challenging, their involvement grow and outcome of learning reaches at satisfactorily level.

Create Students centered classroom

Teacher’s presence in a classroom is due to students’ existence in the classroom. Wise teacher creates various learning experience for ensuring active and direct participation of students in the classroom learning. If the learners’ participation is good learning experiences and learning outcome will surely the best. Learning happens most when students’ participation goes at higher level in the class.

A subject expert makes each and every student secure and respectful in a mix group of classroom. S/he ensures each student’s intact dignity and ethnicity in the classroom. Wise teacher establishes democratic values in the classroom where all students are equal in the classroom. Each student has right to inquire, right to raise logical questions and right to reply in the classroom. Democratic values instill confidence among all learners; further students develop trust, feel connected with teacher’s teaching and develop a deep bond with teacher which leads their active participation in learning process. Students’ active participation ensures best learning outcomes in the classroom.

  Conduct authentic and reliable evaluation

Authentic and reliable evaluation system helps teacher to observe students learning growth in the classroom. Better performance in the test is result of better understanding of teaching topics. Wise teacher conducts authentic test during prescribed teaching time to observe learning alertness of students in the classroom. He helps poor academic performers by using suitable teaching techniques i.e. illustration, revision, real life examples, re-teaching and by giving personal attention to them. It is kind of moral support and moral boost up for poor academic performers. Teachers develops standard test for evaluating good academic performers. Wise teacher provides advanced resource materials, web links, and questions paper for practicing more and develop conceptual understanding for touching academic heights for the best academic performers in the classroom.

Teacher provides real feedback to each and every student of class on various occasions so that students can review and reform their learning styles and other correlated things.

Proper time management to complete a pre-decided task helps a teacher to implement his teaching techniques, ideas, vision and mission in a real classroom. If a teacher chalks out a plan well in advance for executing proper teaching in the classroom, he brings the best learning experience for the students in a classroom. Ensuring best learning outcome for a mix group of students determines the teacher’s expertise.

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist

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