What classroom management strategies do you find ineffective?

Teacher’s expertise lies in managing a mix group of students smartly for ensuring the best learning outcome. Teacher’s subject expertise, well advanced proper planning before entering in the classroom, his ideas to integrate technology, his better time management skill and his better communication skill enhance students’ learning experience in the classroom.

When teacher fails to plan a lesson properly, having poor self image, unable to understand the learning nature of learners and unable to communicate properly to clear the teaching topic clearly. There may be different reasons but these are basic reasons for ineffective classroom management skills….

Classroom management skill —-teacher fails when —

  1. does not plan lesson well in advanced
  2. does not plan lesson according to the age of learners
  3. does not plan lesson according to learner’s level
  4. when a lesson plan becomes teacher centred
  5. when a teacher does not know how to handle the classroom
  6. when a teacher fails to understand the pulse of students
  7. when a teacher fails to generate curiosity in the learners
  8. when teacher’s teaching becomes in one direction
  9. when teacher fails to open two way communication in the classroom
  10. when teacher fails to illustrate the topics logically
  11. when teacher fails to connect textual learning to student’s day to day life learning experience
  12. when teacher fails to provide experiential learning
  13. when teacher fails to cater the needs of different types of learners in the classroom
  14. when teacher fails to provide positive learning environment for weak students
  15. when teacher fails to sensitize the learners-importance of the lesson topics
  16. when teacher fails to develop a positive rapport with students
  17. when teacher fails to understand student—student as a human being -with so many positive and negative flaws
  18. when teacher fails to give proper respect, care and love for one and all in the classroom
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