Creativity is an act of integration. It is an integration of emotion, imagination and intelligence.

Creativity is to create something noble, unique, distinctive and wonderful for the self and society. Creativity is individual’s unique ability. It demonstrates individual’s intrinsic and spontaneous flows of emotion as well as his/her analytical, logical and sensible intellect.

Individual’s creativity is natural and phenomenal act. It creates something new and noble i.e. composing a poem, writing a story, drawing a painting, composing a song, a musical composition, scientific theory, inventions etc. Individual’s creativity reflects in his/her sensible decision to do something noble at home and at working place, moreover handle a difficult situation in a non conventional and non predictable way; sometimes goes out of way to take a decision or reaching at a final solution. First Instance, It may appear irrelevant, worthless for common man, different from existing perception and ideology, however, gradually people feel its worth. Later on, it may become priceless. This is beauty of a creative mind.

Generally, we feel worth of individuals creative and artistic values in near future or it may take longer time. So, individual’s creativity is beyond recognition and appreciation. Creative mind never waits for appreciation and recognition. Creativity is intangible. S/He thinks noble for the dignified self and society.

Thinking is an act. So, creative thinking is also an act. It is an act of creating something meaningful. Creative thinking is a state of mind.   Sometime it happens with conscious effort and sometimes it is effortless.  It is a skill to create something noble. Creativity is an attitude. It is not matter of completing a task for the sake of completion; it is matter of executing individual’s vision, imagination, concept, ideas with great love and passion. Generally, it is observed that creative person is a passionate human being. Individual’s creativity does not depend on “what s/he does in a day to day life”, in fact, it depends on “how does s/he visualize things and how does s/he execute his ideas” so process of execution is crucial in imparting creativity.

Creative person possesses strong aesthetic sense.  Naturally s/he tries to think in a different way. He practices repeatedly up to his sense of perfection. He has enough patience to do the task, enough persistence to do the task and strong determination to shape up the things up to his own intrinsic values. He posses power to take risk in creating something noble. He never worries about criticism. The creative person himself is a good critic. He critically examines himself.

Creative person possess a wide and large vision. His own attitude is his greatest wealth. He lives his own ideology. Creative person never worries for name and fame. Name and fame walk on their own feet and salute the noble creation of creative person.

  1. Creative thinker imagines, generate, develop and critically evaluate ideas.
  2. Creative thinker explores ideas, spaces and materials and technology.
  3. Creative thinker keeps himself open for other’s advice, ideas and opinion.
  4. Creative thinker generates and evaluates knowledge, ideas and possibilities.
  5. Creative thinker explores existing knowledge and information and designs appropriate strategies.
  6. Creative thinker develops innovative solutions for complex and difficult challenges.
  7. Creative thinker views a problem from multiple perspectives generate many ideas and possible solutions, improvise, play, literate, and use metaphor to gain new insight. (Fred Leichter)
  8. Creative thinker executes his ideas and experiences into his tasks.
  9. Creative thinker possesses high intrinsic motivation and persistence.
  10. Creative thinker believes that yes, “I can do it”.

We are world citizen. We live in a virtual world. Our life heavily depends on virtual experience. We explore our knowledge, expertise and experiences in every walk of life. We are living in world of skilled citizen. Individual’s integrity lies in knowledge, expertise, experience and skill in this highly complex social surrounding, and various challenging pressure at personal and professional level. It is demand of time to become creative, innovative and skilled to handle things sensibly. Individual’s creativity makes him distinctive and unique. Creative thinking helps individual to establish as integrated human being with distinctive vision. Creative thinker executes the things in better way with his unique ideas.  We feel the worth of an individual. We should admit Edward de Bono idea of creativity that “we need creativity in order to break free from the temporary structures that have been set up by a particular sequence of experience”. Further he affirms that “without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same pattern”. Being creative is need of time.

Creative thinking is a skill; it is therefore nurtured, facilitated and developed. Creativity is a skill that can be taught, practiced and developed.  Some people can be inborn creative; some people experience it, learn it, practice it and develop creativity. Inquisitiveness to create something new, something noble, something new leads a person to do something great in his field. Creative people always aspire to do something unique, struggle within own state of mind, perceive things in a better perspectives, practice it and produce the best artistic creations, noble ideas, and distinctive decisions. Creative people possesses infinite source of intrinsic inspiration and a firm belief that yes “ I can do it”.

Parent, school, and society play crucial role to identify the individual’s creative thinking skill since childhood. Quality of individual’s creative thinking reflects in small acts. It reflects in the way individual perform a small task. Gradually it is identifiable in individual’s presentation at different level, during writing something, questioning something, answering something, and creating something new. Each individual has potential to be a creative person. We need to identify individual’s inherent talent. Parent and educator need to nurture individuals’ creative skill, provide ample opportunities to grow, to respect their ideas and encourage them to convert ideas into concrete result.

Equipped individual with the ability to think

  1. Help individual to identify his intrinsic potential talent
  2. Help individual to develop sense of discovery
  3. Help individual to develop a thirst do something new
  4. Give proper respect to individual’s ideas; attentive listening
  5. Give opportunity to explore ideas
  6. Give space and time to complete a challenging task
  7. Monitor individual’s process of execution of ideas “how does he act”
  8. Motivate individuals to consider possible alternatives
  9. Motivate individual to do best and achieve targets
  10. Create an innovative and creative culture at home and workplace
  11. Nurture individual’s intrinsic talent and boost up his confidence so that s/he can realize his own potential and confidently says “Yes, I can”.

Creative thinking skill is intrinsic value of an individual. Gradually, it increases with experiences. Creative thinking skill is one’s own self educating activity. Creative person reviews past experience with new one and incorporate best past experiences with new one. This amalgamation of distinctive experiences generates a new life experience to create a meaningful and unique piece of work. This life experience motivates individual to try something new that nobody has ever done.

Creative thinker keeps himself open to all situations, surroundings and circumstances, assumptions and possibilities; adopt best men, methods and materials for creating unique and distinctive creation.


Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist