What is the proper way to learn English?

Very important and Universal question

Are you ready to learn English ? Are you ready to do practice? Are you ready to commit mistakes in English? Are you ready to do hard work? Aren’t you?

English language learning is the most easiest task. Only you need to engage yourself with English. No learning can be happened without learner’s interest. So- Be ready to do all these tasks——-Are you ?

  1. Start listening English Podcast
  2. Start listening English Speech
  3. Start watching English news channels
  4. Start speaking in English
  5. Start speaking in English in short sentence
  6. Start speaking in English without any hesitation
  7. Always welcome your error in Speaking
  8. Start reading simple English story
  9. Start reading small English story
  10. Start reading English newspaper
  11. Start narrating English news in your own words in English
  12. Start narrating English story in your own words in English
  13. Start framing sentence in English
  14. Start writing simple sentences in English
  15. Start writing a small paragraph
  16. Start writing an article to express your ideas and views
  17. Start learning English Grammar
  18. Start using English Grammar to express your views in different situations on different matters
  19. Always try to write something in English to express very simple topics -may be how to do you feel today—-
  20. Love English Language — English Language is fantastic language-very easy to learn- very easy to speak -very easy to write
  21. Magic will never happen — we will not learn English if we will not do much practice
  22. So Focus on
  • Listening Skill
  • Speaking Skill
  • Reading Skill
  • Writing Skill
English Language Learning
English Language Learning

If you need more help — Please write to me- principalrajeev@gmail.com or call me -8840528070———will try to provide 100 ideas and — solution to every problem related to Learning English Language —-because -” Learning is complex phenomena” —Every new approach of learning needs consistent hard work and intensive practice — So— Are you READY? Common — You Can ! Best of Hard Work —-