Duties and Responsibilities of an Examination in Charge

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Teaching is purely a noble profession. While talking to quality of a teacher Swami Vivekanand states that the true teacher is he who can immediately come down to the level of student, transfer his soul to the student’s soul and see through and understand through his mind. Such a teacher can really teach and none else.

 Teacher is a role model. Role models are people who set good examples by the words, they speak and by the actions they speak. The teachers’ entire personality is a reflection on the minds of the students. If the teacher is honest, leads a balanced and disciplined life, the children adopt these virtues as an ideal conduct unconsciously.

An examination system evaluates factual understanding, conceptual understanding and global understanding of prescribed syllabus and designed curriculum. Examination system assesses individual’s capability to interpret learning in his own language. It is not merely test of knowledge. Examination system evaluates persistent and consistent quality of an individual. It tests the attitude of an individual i.e. how does an individual perform better in extreme pressure. Examination examines individual’s overall personality. Examination systems examine individual’s desire to learn, desire to explore, desire to investigate and desire to apply learning in real life situation. Assessment ensures quality teaching- learning process.

Usually, examination in charge performs all necessary duties which each teacher performs on daily basis. It is an additional duty for a teacher in different countries.

Characteristic of Examination In charge


 Duties of Examination In charge

  1. Prepare guidelines for teachers to prepare question paper for different examination
  2. Prepare precise and lucid instructions regarding (a) pattern of question paper (b) types of questions (c) rational marks allotted to different types of questions (d) language of instruction etc
  3. Collection of subject test paper/chapter wise test/weekly test/term test/end year examination/formative and summative assessment
  4. Circular:- Giving advanced circular to the teachers signed by the principal regarding submitting question paper, mark sheet on time and any other required documents
  5. Preparation of Question Bank:- In charge prepares subject wise question bank in coordination with subject teacher
  6. Form a subject expert committee to ensure the quality of question paper
  7. Preparation of Question Paper:-Ensure preparation of question paper i.e. final print out before 48 hours. Preparation of standard question paper subject wise according to guidelines given by the principal for FA and Summative Assessment.  Question paper should be in proper format. Grammatical mistakes should not be there in question paper. Question paper must not exceed or less than the prescribed marks for the particular examination.
  8. Preparation for Examination:-Ensure necessary items to conduct examination i.e. question paper, answer sheets, Mark sheets, thread and other stationary items. Give advance requirement to the administrative officer.
  9. Seating Arrangement:-Making proper seating arrangement for students for different examinations.
  10. Time-table:-Making examination time table with the consent from principal.
  11. Duty charge:-Prepare examination duty charts for the teachers.
  12. Form a subject expert committee to ensure the quality correction of answer sheet.
  13. Preparation of marking scheme: Teacher will prepare marking scheme of question with question paper and submit it to the Examination In charge Committee.
  14. Answer sheets correction: – Teacher will submit corrected answer sheet within (hours) after the examination (different school –different deadline).
  15. Records keeping:-Keeping records of all the examination held in the school in soft as well as hard copy.
  16. Mark List: – Teacher will show the mark lists to the principal before final entering of mark sheets.
  17. Preparation of Report Card:-Preparation of Mark sheets format for different examination.
  18. Final Report Card:- Examination In charge will ensure final printing of report card before 48 hours
  19. Parent Teacher Meeting:- Conducting  PTM and keeping records of PTM attendance and Feedback
  20. Outside Examination:- Conduct examination from other agencies and making proper arrangement for them

Teacher, student and parent work very hard to ensure quality learning. Examination in charge is the centre point for conducting a standard examination system in the school. His keen observation and proper supervision help to develop a standard assessment and evaluation system for an organization. Examination in charge draws a circle with the help of teacher, student, syllabus, and prescribed course curriculum. Standard examination system ensures quality assessment and evaluation of teaching and learning in an academic session. Examination in charge develops a solid system to conduct a fair and standard assessment process in the organization.

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist


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