We are integral part of an examination driven system. Our capability is judged by our performance in the examination. Examination system truly evaluates attitude and aptitude of an individual. Examination system assesses persistent and consistent quality of an individual. An examination system evaluates our consistent nature for performing a task over a period of time. We prepare in advance for appear in an examination.

Generally, it is observed that if an individual studies consistently thorough out an academic year; he performs exceptionally well. Examination system evaluates our desire to learn, our desire to understand and our desire to do more and more practice over a period of time.

A good academic performer studies properly and rationally in an academic year. He properly plans ahead for walking miles and miles on known and unknown world of knowledge. He minutely analyzes existing curriculum, syllabus and question patterns for timely preparation for an examination.

We are unique. Indeed, each student wants to do well in studies, but conversion of thinking into action on real ground makes all the differences******Is it so, isn’t it? What do you think?   What are the reasons of failure and disinterestedness in studies?

Too much thinking but less study during an academic session

This subject is easy. That subject is very difficult.

We know the fact that we have to study these subjects and units. We know the fact that each subject has equal importance. If we have no choice; if we have choice and we have selected concerned subject then,  is there any need to differentiate or leave without proper study>

Thinking too much without proper study

Our task is to know our curriculum and syllabus. Our task is to study prescribed syllabus not to think and think without study>

Showing too much love for a single or more than one subject

Generally, human being loves to choose comfortable side rather than selecting a little difficult side for the betterment. We choose difficult thing under a coercion situation. If we have choice, we enjoy it rightly at appropriate time. We have to complete our prescribed syllabus in a given duration. Smart students start working on it and other develops love for one subject and leave other main subject for the God sake. He does not want to study one or two core subjects other than favorite subject i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Math group (2 subjects intensive study, one subject untouched for whole academic year).

How to make notes?

Smart student initiates reading and learning text but so many students keep themselves busy on thinking ‘how’ but do not initiate learning properly and timely. Smart student develops his own tool and techniques and rest of students think so much for selecting better one.

No proper study before the examination, only vague thinking and void planning

Examination creates fear when we do not do proper study and had wasted our time on vague thinking.

 Keep highest expectation without adequate study of prescribed syllabus 

Thinking high is first step of a high ladder but we have to put our first foot on first step to go on to second step. Keeping both the feet on ground and thinking to reach at highest points never helps us in growing. When we expect high without adequate study & without reasonable practice then its result is negative rather frustrating. *Expecting to get highest grades/marks*

Mind wanders  from one thing to another i.e. collecting so much resource material but could not read them before the examination

 Too much weak in a subject, * No proper study*, *No textbook reading*, *No writing practice* = Only worry*

 Parents, relative, favorite teachers**क्या सोचेंगे अगर**,  **If not then@

We are socially dependent on each other for more than thousand reasons. We are socially connected to each other. Each one has expectation with another one. It is fine. It has no harm but at the same time we have to understand it that It is “I” who will do something for me; my family member can only provide timely support. It is “I” who will complete my prescribed syllabus my family member and my friend will not do it for me. Let them to think! I will do adequate study with relevant materials and proper time management.

What will happen if results will be poor?

A Good person starts doing work timely. Thinking ahead is good but in the beginning, middle and during the examination, our main task is to perform well but not to think of examination result right now. Whatever we can do it right now, will do it right now that is to complete our prescribed syllabus. We will plan and develop strong will power to execute our planning. Later I will think—-


Sincere students make sincere efforts on right time to achieve target.


Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist

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