“Connection Quest” aims to encourage teachers to actively engage in actions that foster positive relationships with their students. By sharing experiences and ideas, teachers can learn from one another and gain practical strategies for building strong connections in the classroom, which ultimately contributes to effective classroom management.

Game Title: “Connection Quest”

Objective: The objective of the game is to encourage teachers to engage in activities that promote positive relationships with students, fostering a sense of connection and trust within the classroom.

Materials Needed:

  1. Index cards or small pieces of paper
  2. Pen or markers
  3. Bowl or container to hold the cards


  1. Preparation: a) Before the training session, prepare a set of index cards or small pieces of paper. b) On each card, write a specific action or question that promotes connection and positive relationships with students. For example:
    • Share one thing you are grateful for today.
    • Compliment a student on their effort in class.
    • Ask a student about their hobbies or interests.
    • Encourage a student to share something they’re proud of.
    • Share a funny or interesting story from your own life.
  2. Gameplay: a) Gather the participating teachers in a circle or around a table. b) Explain the objective of the game and the importance of building positive relationships with students. c) Pass the bowl or container with the prepared cards to the first teacher. d) In a clockwise direction, each teacher picks a card from the bowl and reads aloud the action or question written on it. e) The teacher then shares their thoughts, experiences, or implements the action within the context of the training group. f) After the discussion, the card is returned to the bowl. g) Repeat steps c) to f) for each participant, allowing everyone to contribute and engage in meaningful conversations.
  3. Discussion: a) After each participant has had a turn, facilitate a group discussion to reflect on the experience. b) Encourage teachers to share any insights, challenges, or successes they encountered while completing the connection quest. c) Discuss the potential impact of these actions on building positive relationships with students. d) Provide an opportunity for teachers to ask questions, seek advice, or share additional strategies for fostering connection in the classroom.
  4. Variation: To add an element of surprise and unpredictability, you can include a few “Wildcard” cards in the bowl. These cards can contain additional challenges or prompts related to building positive relationships. For example:
    • Engage in a short conversation with a student you haven’t interacted with much before.
    • Write a personalized note of encouragement to a student and deliver it to them during the next class.
    • Share a personal accomplishment with your students to inspire them.