Summary of Key Ideas related to Language in the Foundational Stage suggested in National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage-2022

How do Children Learn Language in the Foundational Stage 3-8 Years ?

The medium of instruction will be the home language (L1) in the Foundational Stage to the extent possible. Where not possible, measures will be taken to support the child’s formal use
of L1 in teaching- learning activities, and to build bridges from L1 to the school languages. Children will be immersed in multiple oral languages as early as is possible, which will be
enhanced through interactive activities (e.g., conversation, TPR, poetry, songs, drama, narration of experiences). The aim will be to achieve oral language proficiency (not necessarily
at the same level) in two languages by Grade 3.

The concept of reading and writing is initially developed through R1, which is preferably L1 whenever possible, via early exposure to oral language development, meaning-making activities, and print materials. Understanding of phonemes and graphemes and the correspondence between them (decoding) will be developed through games and interactive exercises.

• Reading skills will first be developed in R1 through picture and story books, read-aloud books, shared reading, guided reading, and more independent reading through graded readers, with interactive activities involving poetry, songs, literature, drama, games to enhance learning. In cases where R1 is not L1, support with L1 will be arranged to the extent possible.

• Writing skills will be developed in R1 through drawing, labelling, inventive spelling, writing workbooks, games requiring writing, and other forms of guided writing, followed by more independent writing of words, phrases, and then complete sentences in meaningful and creative contexts.
The approach to subsequently developing reading and writing skills in R2 and R3 will be similar. The aim will be to achieve literacy skills in R1 by Grade 3.

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