Admission Campaign-Drive in School: Using Online Marketing Strategies for School Promotion and Admission

Worldwide web (www) is world of magic. No one wants to keep himself away even for one second from world wide web (www). 20 years ago one of my common friend asked me about my shirt’s brand name. I was little hesitant and shared that this shirt had been stitched by a local tailor. Nowadays, everyone knows the power of a touch on a smart phone screen and surely everything available in the world market will be in our touch within hours.

Autonomous school economy solely depends on students’ fees, and the school sound economy determines educational qualities. School tries hard to retain existing students for the next academic session and establishes a good rapport with different walks of people at local, district, state, national and international level through worldwide web (www). School faces two great challenges (1) To retain existing students (2) To ensure good number of new enrollments/admission in the school. WWW helps school to promote its vision and mission worldwide. Generally people investigate several basic things from school website. Nowadays, our school website creates great impact on prospective parents’ mind. An organization’s well developed website sets up a benchmark for parents.

People mind set changed. People inquire and investigate so much before making a final decision for selecting a new school for their ward. People are looking beyond the personal limitations. Parents are ready to spend money but they are looking for quality education in a safe and secure school environment.

Online marketing helps management/society/trust to establish school as a brand. It creates positive impact on parent’s mind. Power of virtual world is intact. School presence on World Wide Web (www) ensures the brand image of school; in fact it builds a brand among local as well as worldwide viewers. It is store house, information center, mirror, vision and mission of a school. WWW is a solution center to the known to unknown. Smartphone is under reach to everyone parent with the highest internet speed so school is ready for a gentle touch on Smartphone screen.

Visionary school management invests money on online marketing. This is crucial need of the hours. Parent, student, and relative play a great on making decision for taking admission in a school. Every one inquires on smart phone. School management plans ahead and hires a group of technical personals for promoting school on World Wide Web (www).
1st Task
Create a responsive website: – marketing focused, appealing to prospective parents and students, user friendly. Responsive website is based on responsive web design which adjusts gracefully to fit on desktop, tablet, and Smartphone browsers. (Joshua Steimle is the CEO of MWI). School needs to do it because most of parents are friendly with Smartphone. ( Parent as well as student search about the school. Several search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL) makes it possible.

2nd Task
Search engine optimization: School management hires a professional and uses various tools for search engine optimization. School can take payment based service from service providers. Search engine optimization service helps school to be listed in search engine 1st page. It helps to reach millions of very soon.

3rd Task
Create a school blog:School creates a blog on different blogging sites and post relevant content which is useful to students, parents and other people.
We can share following items on different social sites
(A) Achievement of school in its vision and mission
(B) Students real activities as learners’ engagement
(C) Success story of students, teachers and old students
(D) Positive reviews of parents, students, i.e. what makes this school special?
Parents’ reconfirmation and satisfaction over choosing this school and the difference made in academic year.

4th Task
Create Pages on different Social Media Sites:Social media channels are platforms to connect people from various fields. It is strong medium to promote school. School can create a page on various social media sites i.e. Face book, Twitter, YouTube, Slide share, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram or Snapchat for students. School can use of social media sites for advertisement of school (Available on payment). Nowadays, It is observed that parent reminds school office to post his/her wards school activities pictures on Instagram, Face book and other social sites.
5th Task
Prepare videos of different activities of school:Visual has its own effect. It is authentic evidence for millions of people who cannot visit school but reaches our school in virtual world. People are engaged in their own professional and personal life. Video brings life as effective evidence of educational activities happen during academic year, students’ activity, teacher’s teaching methodology, classroom teaching video etc. These videos should be uploaded on school personal account on different social sites.

Mr. Rick NewBerry’s prepared a list of questions that will be helpful in preparing prospective students and parents friendly web world to promote school—
Have you invested in a responsive website design?
Are you utilizing a blog on your website and in your marketing strategy?
Are you bringing your school to life on your website by telling stories about your people and programs?
Are you communicating news stories about the great things happening at your school every day?
Does you school’s website make a great first impression and is it marketing-focused?
Have you implemented best practices in search engine optimization, content development, call-to-actions and more on your website?

Private school marketing strategies is powerful on its own, but far more effective when integrated into a balanced overall marketing campaign. Private schools can utilize their creative and technological resources to target a broad audience with meaningful online marketing campaigns while calling upon their community connections to appeal to local applicants for maximum results.
Proper planning, proper budgeting and proper execution of planning at right time, on right place, at right speed can produce best results in terms of a good number of new admissions in school as well as retention of existing students at school.

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist