School Toppers’Tips and Tricks for Scoring Good Marks in CBSE Board Examination in an Interactive Session with Board Appearing Students

Read ‘History’ like story a book. We should read and comprehend ‘History’ like story, Said Tannu with 10th Class board appearing students. Parent, teacher, and principal share exam tips with students i.e. how to score good marks in different board exams on the basis of their experience and feedback given by students. In fact, the student who appeared in board exam and scored more than 95 % marks in almost all subjects , his/her real life problems, struggles  before the exam  and during the exam,  her  techniques to overcome different level of hurdles can sound good for  the appearing  students of board exam. It was, indeed a great interactive session with last year CBSE Board Exam School toppers Ms. Tannu and Ms Laxmi with board appearing candidates.

This interactive session with school toppers provided students a great opportunity to share and discuss their enormous problems and clarify their doubts to Ms. Tannu and Ms Laxmi. Board appearing candidates asked so many tricky questions i.e. (a) what should be study before the exam? (b) How to cover the entire syllabus during the examination?

Interactive session with last year CBSE Board Exam School toppers Ms. Tannu and Ms Laxmi was organized basically for the benefits for board appearing candidates i.e. to discuss some of the problems which might be faced by them during preparation and to build students’ self confidence. 

Ms. Tannu and Ms Laxmi scored more than 95% percent marks in CBSE board exam. Laxmi scored 98% in Science in 10th class board exam. Both the students were hard working and practiced well before the board examination.  Students questioned on different aspects and Ms. Tannu and Ms Laxmi tried to answer students’ questions. Their answers were very authentic and based on real life experience. It will be worth enough to discuss a few tips and techniques discussed in the interactive session.

How to score good marks in English/Hindi?  How to identify the speaker in Julius Caesar? How to score good marks in novel section?

Both toppers were agreed on common points that literature and reading comprehension passage do not put a bigger challenge before students but we should focus on developing writing skill continuously. We used to write letter, article and story ever since beginning of new session which gave us confidence during examination. We used to do proper practice of ‘reading comprehension’ and frequently used to practice integrated grammar questions. We should do intensive practice of writing skill and grammar section to score good marks. Laxmi said, “ Write your answer in good handwriting/legible”.  

How to study Science during examination to score good marks? How to remember diagrams I.e. drawing and leveling? What types of questions come in last 2 chapters of Biology and how to attempt those questions?

Laxmi suggested that “read and develop comprehension line by line of NCERT book”. Laxmi scored 98% in Science in CBSE Board 10th class exam. She insisted that if student’s concept is clear i.e. how digestion process occurs in body, s/he will draw diagram and level it without any problem. We should focus on solving numerical of Physics and equation of Chemistry to score good marks in board examination. Tannu reinstated that reading NCERT books as many times as you can help to develop proper comprehension. We should not focus on individual author’s book during examination. Of course it develops deep understanding; however NCERT book gives you precise knowledge about complete syllabus.

How to study Social Science during examination? How to do revision during examination? What should be the next step if we stuck with a question in mathematics?

Tanu said to students,” Read History like a story”.Read the chapter as many times as you can; try to develop comprehension of text – reading only for the sake of reading will not help you in the examination…..reading with comprehension is crucial point to get good marks in Social Science. We should revise Social Science in Gap days during the examination. I have scored 96% in Social Science and of course, I wrote point wise answer in the board examination. We should not try to copy other notes and read extra help book before the examination. Understanding of text, proper revision in an interval and practice of sample paper will help in scoring good marks.

How to get good marks in mathematics? How to solve trigonometry section properly? How to manage time while solving complex mathematical problems during board exam?

Mathematics is very interesting subject, if a student practices mathematical problems regularly. Formula, derivation and conceptual understanding of theorem help student to score good marks in math. It is always wise decision to remember the formula of trigonometry. Students should practice examples of R.S Agrawal in Trigonometry Section. We should not delay or leave a question un-attempted during an examination. It is wise to attempt question and tries to solve it step by step. If you stuck in a mathematical problem – do step by step and leave it incomplete if you are unable to solve at that moment. Firstly, we should attempt last section of mathematics in the examination hall.

Both of students were very assertive and reminded so many times that we should not read new topics/books/notes during the examination. We should not delay any topics/points to read/learn at the examination time. We should learn and revise every topics mentioned in the prescribed syllabus well before examination. Ms. Tannu and Ms Laxmi advised all students to study a little more time before the examination so that they should cover all the important points and section of different chapters of different subjects. Students should trust heavily on NCERT books. Ample writing practice, solving different questions on paper, showing it to teachers and peers really help students to introspect and work on mistakes suggested by evaluators.  Last but not the least they repeatedly reminded all students that ultimately “s/he has to study, do hard work, practice more and more (previous years sample papers) for developing more comprehension about different topics. Consistent study and concentration during study are more important than reading many hours without it.

Rajeev Ranjan

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