Infinitive in English Grammar

In English grammar, the infinitive is the base form of a verb. It is typically preceded by the word “to” (known as the infinitive marker), such as “to run,” “to eat,” or “to sleep.” However, there is also a form called the bare infinitive, which is the base form of the verb without the “to” marker, as in “run,” “eat,” or “sleep.”

The infinitive has several functions in English:

    Verb form: The infinitive can function as the main verb in a sentence, expressing an action or state. For example:

        I want to eat.

        She likes to run.

        They need to sleep.

    Noun function: The infinitive can act as a noun, taking on roles such as subject, object, or complement. For example:

        To travel is my dream. (subject)

        I love to swim. (object)

        Her goal is to succeed. (complement)

    Modifier: The infinitive can modify a noun, adding additional information. For example:

        He bought a book to read.

        We need someone to help us.

    Imperative mood: The bare infinitive is used in imperative sentences to give commands or instructions. For example:

        Clean your room.

        Please, be quiet.

It’s important to note that not all verb forms that include “to” are infinitives. For instance, the construction “going to” is used to indicate future plans or intentions, but “going” is not an infinitive in this case.

   20 Infinitive Sentences

   To study is essential for academic success.

    She loves to dance in her free time.

    They decided to go on a vacation to the beach.

    To speak multiple languages is a valuable skill.

    He wants to become a professional athlete.

    We need to buy groceries for the week.

    She hopes to travel the world someday.

    To learn how to play the guitar is on my bucket list.

    They plan to start their own business.

    I need to find a new job.

    He aspires to become a famous actor.

    She likes to read books before going to bed.

    To solve this problem, we must work together.

    We want to visit our grandparents over the holidays.

    They decided to paint their house themselves.

    He hopes to win the lottery one day.

    To achieve your goals, you must stay focused.

    She loves to cook delicious meals for her family.

    They aim to finish the project by next week.     I want to learn how to play the piano.


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