KAMP- Knowledge and Awareness Mapping Platform

What is KAMP? 

Knowledge and Awareness Mapping Platform “KAMP” is an International intellect E-based assessment platform to evaluate cognizance of 21st century skills, awareness and knowledge of Science, Technology & Humanities among students.

KAMP is an Initiative of CSIR-National Institute of Science Technology and Development Studies (NISTADS), it intends to develop creativity, meaningful learning, critical reading and thinking skills that brings out the inherent abilities of the students.


CSIR-NISTADS is one of the premier institutes of the country to provide inputs to policymakers for formulating the policy of Science, Technology, Innovation (STI) and entrepreneurship. Knowledge and Awareness Mapping Platform (KAMP), aimed to develop and map the Scientific Temperament of children, will help nurture innovation and creativity from an early age. The analyses of the mapping data would be used to create inputs for S&T policy so as new generation of scientific leaders are produced in the country.


What is vision of KAMP?


To identify and capture Scientific and Technological temperament in students to make “India -A Global Leader in the Field of Science, Technology & Humanities

What are objective of KAMP?


  • Mapping and helping students/parents to identify scientific attitude & enable them to understand their inherent potential for different career choices.
  • Awareness among students on the latest developments in emerging technologies.
  • Map specific attributes essential to become a successful scientist or technologist.
  • Infuse a healthy competitive spirit through rewards, based on performance levels.

What are the impact and outcome of KAMP?

Impact & Outcome

  • Identify learning outcome levels of students in India and abroad.
  • Comprehensive advisory for students/parents which will help in identifying the areas of strength.
  • Data and Analytics will support policymakers to analyze the current learner’s level.
  • Support schools to provide an enabling environment to identify students with unique skills.
  • Help nurture their skills/talents by creating District KAMP-Junior Scientist Club.
  • Helps policymakers to take necessary curricular reforms.


The enrolment for KAMP

– National Assessment of Scientific Temperament and Aptitude (NASTA)-2020 was open to all the students of classes Vth – XIIth studying in schools affiliated to CBSE as well as other State Boards in the country. The implementation of KAMP was held in schools in following manner:


All schools should enroll online through KAMP website http://kamp.nistads.res.in. Login credentials will be sent to the school on registered E-Mail ID. School Kit (Information Brochure, Student Registration Forms, Detailed Guidelines and other Communication Materials) are available on KAMP website http://kamp.nistads.res.in.


Head of School is requested to assign KAMP-NODAL OFFICER (School Principal is Preferable) and submit his/her details on KAMP Portal while School Enrolment. KAMP Nodal Officer shall be responsible to give wide publicity to this initiative amidst students, teachers and parents so as to activate the scientific instinct in students to find solutions to the day-to-day problems. They are requested to persuade every class teacher to motivate students to participate in large numbers.


The details of participating students will be uploaded by School/Nodal Officer on KAMP Portal through respective school’s Login. Required training for the same shall be provided to schools through KAMP support center. Individual student can also register directly through KAMP portal (for registered schools only).


Each participating student has to pay total Rs. 400/- “Registration Fee”.

In case of direct registration/payment by students, school share (towards expenditure for conducting examination in their school premises) shall be refunded to school after the closure of registrations.


 Preparation tips for students, Syllabus for NASTA, Sample Questions, Exam Conduction Guidelines, and Assessment Pattern details can be accessed through http://kamp.nistads.res.in. Examination material will be delivered directly to school closer to the date of examination in case of offline mode. Schools may also choose to conduct online examination. Mock assessment facility will be provided under student login.


 Assessment Report will be available online under schools/institutions login. All participants will receive a comprehensive assessment report with an advisory under their respective student’s login.


All participants will receive a “Certificate of Excellence/Participation” depending on their individual performance. “Certificate of Recognition/Excellence” for KAMP-Nodal Officer, School & Principal will be awarded based on the student’s performance. Special awards, National & International Visits for State & National Level achievers. Information related to awards and certificates are available on KAMP website*.


Each participant will become a member of K-JSC. KJSC will a district level self-sustainable club. District Level Science Meets will be organized every year where young scientists (students) of member schools will showcase their projects. After evaluation by KAMP most promising science projects will be selected for KAMP-NATIONAL SCIENCE CARNIVAL and “National Young Scientist Award” will be presented to students for their contribution in S & T. For any further information or implementation, write us at info@kamp.res.in or KAMP Operations and Coordination Office on telephone no. (91) 9319634387 , (91) 7303064387

To know more about CSIR-NISTADS- Knowledge and Awareness Mapping Platform (KAMP) kindly visit https://kamp.res.in/ website for updated and authentic information.