Learning Objectives Importance and Benefits

Learning is so much complex. Sitting in a classroom, waiting for teacher, talking with classmates, one teacher after another teacher, a long chain of teaching learning in a day may quiet tiresome and monotonous tasks; no matter whether we have ‘Art’ and ‘Craft’ class, ‘Dance’ class and ‘Sports and Game’ class or ‘Library’ period, but we have to face more or less same activity. We know the teacher will enter in our classroom and will start teaching, even sometimes we do not know “how much will be finished by the teacher”, and ‘what activity will be conducted in a period; everything comes as a surprise for us.  Do we have no right to know:-

What will be taught? What is learning objective of this class?  What activity will be organized? What will be teacher’s role and what will be ours role and responsibility in the classroom? Can we evaluate our own today’s learning outcomes? Has teacher delivered what s/he discussed at the beginning of the teaching? Sharing learning objective before actual teaching-learning can bring solution for all above mentioned questions. It is in fact learner’s right to know “What s/he will learn during 40 minutes?

Sharing Learning Objective Teacher’s Perspective

Sharing Learning Objective Teacher’s Perspective:-

  1. Teacher knows specific learning objective for specific topic/lesson/unit
  2. Teacher decides the tasks and activity on priority basis
  3. Teacher plans well to achieve specific learning objective during teaching
  4. Teacher executes plans very well timely
  5. Teacher uses proper teaching- techniques and use proper teaching methodology to achieve his/her predetermined activities
  6. Teacher can evaluate and assess the learning outcomes at the end of the lesson
Sharing Learning Objective Student’s Perspective

Sharing Learning Objective Student’s Perspective:-

  1. Learners’ get precise learning objectives for today class
  2. Learners’ becomes active and partner of learning activity
  3. Learners knows value of their presence in the class
  4. Learners participate actively  and show positive attitudes towards learning
  5. Learners try to complete tasks timely
  6. Learner can evaluate and assess “today’s learning outcomes” along with other peers in the classroom
Characteristics of Learning Objective

Characteristics of Learning Objective

  1. Learning objective should be clear and precise
  2. Learning objective consists of specific statements
  3. Learning objective defines and determines learning outcomes
  4. Learning objective helps to organize lesson properly and rationally
  5. Learning objective helps students to take learning ownership for their learning

Student is at the CENTER in educational circle from ancient world to 4G/5G enabled 21st century world.  Educator lives each and every moment for the student. Teacher plans everything to develop holistic education. Learning objective leads towards effective learning.

learning objectives

When a teacher plans learning objective of a topic/lesson/unit, s/he writes in a wider educational perspective, which s/he wishes to achieve during a lesson i.e. attitude, values, life skills, skills, knowledge, comprehension level, understanding level and all the essential lucid and precise attainable and measurable goal of learning at the end of the lesson.

learning objectives

Learning objective shows right path of learning to the teacher as well as students. Learning objective removes all the darkness and ignorance of learning. Learning objective is bright rays, which creates positive rays among learners, and determines the direction of learning for effective and quality learning outcomes.