Learning is a complex phenomenon. Educators’ subject knowledge and their skills of handling different kinds of learners at different pace, in different society, state and nation make them a facilitator, a guide and torch bearer of educational world. Educators’ well thought planning and execution of planning maximize learning in the classroom. 

 A well developed lesson plan is a road map of a wise educator. Educator’s expertise is reflected in his/her lesson plan. It is architecture of teacher’s expertise.

 A wise teacher prepares well his/her teaching topics. S/he evaluates his learners’ need well in advance. A wise educator always weighs each aspect of teaching learning process clearly before entering in the classroom/meeting students in the classroom. A wise educator asks him/herself following questions?

Lesson planning depends on the teacher interest and expertise. It is observed that on same lesson plan format, same subject teacher adopts different teaching techniques to teach a particular topic. Individual teacher of same subject may design different activity, adopt different teaching styles and use different teaching aids. Planning a lesson is solely depending on an individual.

Educator needs to create learning interest during teaching. Expert teacher not only create learners’ interest but sustain learners’ learning interest throughout the lesson.  A well thought and well planned lesson maximize learning in the class. Teacher adopts policy of flexibility during the teaching. Sometimes a good teacher modifies his lesson plan on the actual observation of students’ interest and understanding during teaching. Ideas of teaching can be included during teaching process; however learners’ interest is always on high priority for a wise educator.

When we closely monitor different teacher, different subject teacher, different school, state and nation’s lesson plan, we find same values, however writing style of lesson plan may differ from one culture to another culture and from one school to another school or from one group of schools to another group of schools. Effective learning is the soul nature of writing integrated lesson plan. Students’ learning is educator’s sole purpose. Students exist at the centre in pedagogical perspectives. Proper planning, relevant activities, relevant presentations, relevant questions, relevant illustrations, integration of life skills and integration of technology help wise educator to impart quality education and effective learning in the classroom. 

Rajeev Ranjan

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