Geography-Class 9

Lesson Name/ NoClass-9Teacher
Location  and Extent of India (Geo- 9)GeographyVatan Singh


  • To introduce the concept of  longitudes and latitudes to the students
  •   To explain the concept of Standard Time and Time Zones
  • To make clear the longitudinal and latitudinal extents of India
  • To explain India’s neighbors and its relations with its neighbor.    

Recapitulation of previous topic:

  • Which mountain is located in north direction of India?
  • How many Union Territories are there in India?
  • Which island is located in west direction of India and in which sea?
  • Which country is located in northwest direction of India?
  • Which meridian is also known as Prime Meridian?

Teacher’s Presentation:

  • Drawing a raw diagram of globe (Equator, Tropics, Prime Meridian and India)
  • Graphical presentation of largest countries in the world and India.
  • Raw diagram of India its neighbors, location of Union Territories
  • Explanation of Standard Time Zone and Greenwich.

Student’s Participation:

  • Student’s will answer questions asked by teacher
  • Students will come on black board to indicate different direction, neighbor countries and longitudes and latitudes
  • Map reading.

Teaching aid:


  • Latitudinal and longitudinal extents of India
  • Standard time
  • Prime meridian and Tropics.

Learning Outcome of teaching:

  • Students will develop a thorough understanding of meridians and parallels
  • They will be able to understand the concept of standard time and local time
  • Students will learn about the location of India’s neighbor according to direction.


  • Exercise (MCQ)
  • Exercise ( 2 short answer type question)
  • Exercise Locate union territories of India on an outline map of India.
  • Locate India’s neighbors
  • Teacher:-Vatan Singh