Sample Lesson Plan

Lesson Name/ No/ActivitiesTeacherDaysClass
L-1 (Civics) Constitution & need for lawVatan Singh6 days8th


Previous knowledge testingTeacher’s PresentationStudent Participation
How do we know India is republic?Why do we need rule in our life?How can we bring equality in our society?What is constitution?What are social evils in your opinion that struck our society?History and background of our constitutionFundamental laws of our countrySocial evils: Female feticide & dowrySalt Satyagraha: The Dandi MarchAnti-liquor movement in AndhraRule of law and its importanceStudents will identify social evils present in our societyStudents will Discuss the methods to overcome social evilsStudents will be allowed to share their experiences about social evils.  
Teaching Aid:India’s outline map PPTsSmart board
RecapitulationOutcome of Teaching
Why was the constitution of India adopted on 26 January 1950?What is amendment?Why are amendments made in constitution?Right a short note on Right to freedom.Why are fundamental duties important? List out four fundamental duties.Students will be able to understand amendments, fundamental rights, and fundamental dutiesThey will develop a holistic understanding of fundamental rights.They will develop a sense of   responsibility towards public properties and national symbols.  


  1. MCQ
  2. Short 1 & 2
  3. Short 3 & 4
  4. Long 3
  5. Hots 1
  6. Teacher:-Vatan Singh