Math Study Tips and Tricks

Love me or hate me; I will remain forever in your life. I am mathematics; “Life is incomplete without me”. Rajeev Ranjan

Life is full of addition, deletion, multiplication, division and supposition.    Mathematics teaches us ways of living a happy, prosperous and rational life. Can we imagine a good life without math? Cannot we! Rajeev Ranjan

Self Assessment – Think Over

What things and ideas help student to have command in Mathematics and to score good marks in the examination? What do you think? Consider yourself before giving following points answer

  1. A Big speech by a mathematics expert in the classroom
  2. A Big lecture by your mathematics teacher in the classroom
  3. A void promise made by students to score well in the examination
  4. Students’ never ending story of their confusion
  5. Watching most viewed Video Lecture series on “YouTube and Other Online Resources”
  6. Learning mathematical formulas during an academic session and time to time revision of those formulas
  7. Solving theorem mentioned in different unit i.e. Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus to clarify all doubts and develop better comprehension
  8. Having knowledge of different diagrams and different mathematical derivations
  9. Solving mathematical sums by own
  10. Taking help from Mathematics teacher to clear your doubts
  11. Practicing different mathematical problems actually on paper regularly and tirelessly  
  12. Solving board based ‘Sample Paper’ by own for developing  good command on different types of questions their language and pattern and learning time- management skill to solve all mathematical sums correctly during examination
  13. Without practicing  mathematical sums  on the paper; having firm faith in God that Miracle may happen during the exam and you will solve all questions paper without any problem and secure good marks without hard work  

Did you get the answer of these questions i.e. (a) How to learn math? (b) How to study mathematics for exams? (c)  How can we study math effectively? (d)  How to become good at math? (e)  How can we understand math very well? (f) How do we prepare Mathematics for board exam?

Mathematics an Amazing Subject

Mathematics is the most interesting and amazing subject. Mathematics may be appearing tough for a lazy and idle person but it is a big weapon for a rational thinker, and a hard worker who loves practicing math on regular basis.

Importance and Benefits – Having Command on NCERT Mathematics Book

Have you solved all the mathematical problems of NCERT book? Haven’t you. No problem at all. 1st focus on completing NCERT book syllabus and revise them properly once and twice. Review last 10 years mathematics question papers of   board examination, you will find that all most all questions belong to NCERT books; however language may differ from actual question.  Give priority to solving NCERT Mathematics book and then go for other resource mathematics books available in the market.  

Miracle Effect of Mathematical Formula in Learning Mathematics and Scoring Well in an Exam

Do you know total number of formula used in your NCERT books? Have you tried to learn them? Have you collected those mathematical formulas at one place? Haven’t you. Fine, now today collect all formulas at one place (may be on chart paper, and main mathematics notebook). Can you revise it regularly?  Cannot you! Common wise students! There are hardly 40-50 mathematical formulas in your math’s book. You know yourself; several times you have learnt so many big texts. Mathematical formulas contain digits and signs. Isn’t it? It is easy to learn but strictly follow only one condition. Guess What!  It is very simple and effective, “Frequently and repeatedly revise it and have fun in revising these formulas. Why? Because, we have to score high marks in exam and small –small mathematical formula helps   us to solve mathematical problems very easily.  Be stand in the line of highest score achiever in Math. Common brilliant guys; you can do it.

Amazing Effect of Learning Mathematics Theorem in Developing Mathematical Comprehension and Scoring Well in an Exam

I solve all the theorem at home but I always forget in the examination hall, said Rohit in a low tone during the “feedback session after solving –Sample Paper of Math. 7/20 students shared same problems during that interactive session with Math teacher and other expert members. How many times you have tried to solve theorem or solved seriously? There are hardly 15-10 theorems are mentioned in the different unit of math text book. Can we not learn these 15th theorems? Can we? Is it a difficult task? Isn’t. Yes we can learn 15 theorems in an academic year (180-230 days). You did not do it till date; no problem at all. Do you have 10-20 days in our hand before your exam? If the answer is “Yes”, we can start learning 15 theorems right now.  Cannot we. Common brilliant guys; you can do it. You have done miracle in your life and learning hardly 15 theorems is in fact, an easy task to do but remember one thing ‘nothing happens in our life magically’, every single achievement is the result of firm decision to do it now and the result of hard work we did to achieve it.

Are You Still Confused ?

Confused and full of low confidence students commit several mistakes in the examination hall. They miscalculate the mathematical formulas, solution of a mathematical problem, write wrong signs and symbols i.e. (+) addition instead of (-) subtraction, (X) multiplication instead of division (÷) or (×,≤, ≥,÷). So many students wrote wrong equation and put wrong formula during solving mathematical problems. Most of students solve only 60-70% of a mathematical problem and become confused in between the steps during an exam. It happens due to lack of language comprehension.  Many students could not comprehend the question’s language. This is a sign of lack of practice.

Keys Points

Practice Questions of NCERT Mathematics Book

Remembering Mathematical Formulas of NCERT book

Have clear knowledge of different theorem

Avoid committing mistakes in “Units/Mathematical Signs & Symbols

Understanding Language, (Meaning/Expression) of Questions

Mathematics is an amazing subject, in fact, a subject of practice and wise student practices mathematical sums on paper with pen and pencil. Solving so many sample papers completely for 3 hours before the examination and solving different mathematical sums in an academic year helps students to become familiar with actual language of different types of questions.

Rajeev Ranjan