Online Teaching Rajeev Ranjan
Online Teaching Rajeev Ranjan

Do the teachers need to fear for future? Will the online teaching replace the teachers? Do the online teaching is as useful as classroom learning set-up? World teachers are thinking seriously to find out the answer of these questions. Online teaching is challenging, however blessings for a group of people; especially those who are fortunate and availing the most sophisticate technology. A large number of people are still unable to use sophisticated technology. Online teaching provides golden opportunities to learn and to explore the learning mystery for majority of world netizen.

Online teaching is challenging because a vast number of people do not have electronic gadgets i.e. smartphones, laptops, other computer related accessories and poor internet connectivity. Secondly, teachers are not well trained, well versed and skilled enough to conduct online classes in a proper and rational way.  Several teachers still consider online teaching as waste of time and resources. Third, students, and parents still could not develop complete trust on online teaching techniques and technology. Fourth, traditional educational approach of teaching could not verify and legalized its courses and certificates. There are several institutes and universities offer online courses but still it is a few in numbers.

Learning is complex phenomena but effective learning can be happen through online teaching.

Rajeev Ranjan

Importance, Benefits, Characteristic Features and Usefulness of Online teaching –

A class without and beyond psychological four wall:- Students learn in a friendly environment. Sometimes, 21st century students feel psychological pressure in a face to face classroom. Students and teachers are connected through electronic devices where they can hear or see each other, however physical presence could not be felt.

Distance does not matter in online teaching:- Interestingly online teaching proves the term “world becomes a global village” in online teaching learning process. Teacher and students across the world can be connected through electronic devices beyond the place and time.

Physical presence does not matter in online teaching: – The concept of face to face or eye contact among teachers and students dilutes in online teaching learning process.

Virtual feeling –listening and watching in online teaching: – Students and teachers feel free to select the option whether to watch/see others or allow others to watch and listen you without any hesitation in online teaching.

Interactive class- no psychological pressure in online teaching:- Students and teachers feel free to ask suggestions and feel free to ask questions without pressure of being wrong or write. Online teaching provides space for two ways communication and exchanging of ideas and learning without psychological boundary. Online teaching makes two ways communication between educator and students

Demonstrations make learning less difficult:- The best use of technological supported learning materials i.e. videos, pictures, graph, info graphic, 3D Video and animation, Microsoft word files i.e. excel , power point presentation, stylish pen make online teaching learning process more effective and convert the whole class into learning oriented classroom. 21st century learners are more attached and attracted with these extensive learning resources.  

Teaching learning process can be recorded and can be used in future:- Teaching and learning processes can be recorded and repeated for learning purposes. Nowadays, we can connect millions of people using ‘live streaming techniques” through famous social sites, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other famous platform. Students feel at ease in online teaching without disclosing their own identity.  

Free from error threatening environment in online teaching: – Since online teaching system and process happens in virtual world. Respect for teacher and students never go down. Generally, teacher avoids derogatory remarks, bad, abusive words in an online teaching class. Student asks questions and clear doubts without feeling the pressure to be abused physically, mentally and emotionally.  

A man, Method and Materials in an online teaching learning process ensures quality learning outcomes. World becomes a small village in online teaching. People from all corner of the world can attend online class. An online class is free from economic, social difference, caste, creed, ethnicity and other social biasedness, boundary and prejudices.

 Online teaching is the best opportunity for teachers to connect with students. Teaching is an art. We need to nurture our students through virtual connection. It is challenging but not too much difficult. We need to change our teaching perspectives. Wise teacher always takes numerous challenges in daily life. Teaching demands a lot of preparation, planning, and persistent before organizing and conducting a class with different types of learners.

Online teaching is golden opportunity for educational fraternity. No doubt at all, online teaching is blessings for us. Most difficult challenges create more golden opportunities to think creatively, critically and consciously. We are ready to learn new things and explore the mysterious and unexplored world. Be the change to bring the change in the society. Be ready to be part of online teachers’ fraternity. Warrior accepts the challenges as it is for writing history in golden words.