Importance and Benefits of Online Teaching at School Level

No one has ever predicted for this pandemic situation for 2020. Its effects will be felt for long time. 21st century netizen become too much talkative. COVID-19 brought surprise for every one of us. Education sector effected very badly by COVID-19. It is high time for us to rethink, reshape and redesign education system. Online teaching has no alternate in present scenario.

Truly speaking we had no experience of online teaching although we used to do high promise as leader to our prospective parents. We were not ready to conduct online classes for K-12 school education system, however nowadays we completed our online teaching for more than 90 days. Now, school and its other stakeholders are well trained for handling challenges for online teaching. We have overcome several challenges like internet problems, gadgets problems, students’ handling problems, classroom management and other crucial difficulties for online teaching. Earlier we used to talk about low quality education; low learning effectiveness or no learning outcome in online teaching learning process but every one of us now realizes the importance and benefits of Online Teaching Learning process. Online teaching experiences are worth enough and it is effective teaching technique for teachers, students and parents.

Online Teaching

We talked a number of students, parents and teachers. We all reached to a conclusion that irrespective of several limitations and challenges online teaching is undoubtedly very effective. Educator can conduct a learning oriented class and students learning outcome can be maximized in online teaching learning process. In last 90 days online teaching, we have observed several classical, innovative and effective learning outcomes. We have felt several benefits of online teaching learning. We can feel following benefits:-

Effective Learning Tool

Online Teaching provides effective alternative to real classroom teaching. Students learn best when they interact with the teachers and their peers. Students share their learning during online teaching. Generally it is observed that student become accustomed to online teaching. They are now naughtier, more active and more mischievous as they were in regular classroom.

Effective Learning Outcome

Better Learning outcome can be ensured in online teaching learning process. When we started online teaching in India, students were not skilled or trained enough for facing this challenge. Nowadays, students learning outcome is encouraging for us. Learners give proper response to the teacher’s questions; moreover they ask questions and clear their doubts on various topics during online teaching. Students are completing homework, class assignments and other tasks and share it to teacher.

Freed from Four Boundary Walls

Online teaching learning process fills the void of classroom teaching learning process. Students are learning beyond compact walls. They feel more freedom than boredom in online teaching. Students become fearless in online teaching. Learners have no psycho pressure and fear of teacher.

Feels the Void of Regular Classroom

Online teaching helps students to be connected and continued with prescribed syllabus and curriculum.  Learners are engaged in study. Students are performing very well with the help of parents at home. Several learners become independent learner which we were talking earlier to make the learner independent. Students’ communication skills take a new shape because several times they have to create videos, even if they are shy, introvert, they have to prepare. It helps him to come out from hard shell of their shy and introvert personality.

Promotes Creativity among Students

Students become more creative, more innovative and an effective explorer in online teaching learning process. It is in fact encouraging moment for educator and parent when child sharing their technological expertise with them. Students have started preparing wonderful notes, wonderful videos, and good projects with the help of technology. It is really hard to believe when we see their wonderful video presentation, PPT presentations, worksheet completions etc.

Online teaching is demand of time. Educator’s proper planning, preparation and proper execution promotes quality teaching learning process during online teaching. Parent’s participation is necessary required for effective online teaching and effective learning outcome. Online teaching is an integrated approach. Teacher and parent partnership can have great impact in terms of proper learning. Wise educator can bring best result in virtual class too, s/he needs collaboration and cooperation with all educational stakeholders.