Online Teaching Importance and Benefit for Maximizing Learning

21st century world is witnessing rapid development in technology. Technology provides comfort in our life. No one has ever predicted for COVID-19, although we hear several stories mentioned in some of the books.  COVID- 19 paralyzed the people and the system. We are facing drastic, dramatic and devastating situation. Students, parents, teachers and the entire educational stakeholder are facing unprecedented challenge. We are immovable. We listen a long list of historical illustrations regarding facing exceptional challenges faced by nature or human made catastrophic situation. Challenge brings golden opportunity for everyone to perceive the world on different acuity. Online teaching becomes blessings for entire educational world family.

Online teaching in not a new term, it is widespread, however we felt the great importance of online teaching in COVID-19. World netizen have witnessed a rapid growth in online teaching. It does not matter whether you are from London, Washington, Delhi, and Hyderabad, Islamabad or from a remote village. Students, teachers and parents are busy in downloading ZOOM, WhatsApp and other apps from Google Play Store. They are struggling hard with bandwidths problems, connectivity problems and other challenges but they are using smartphones, laptops, desktops and many more gadgets for educational well-being. Online teaching was known to educational fraternity from a long time but generally it was not in frequent use by all of us. Now, ZOOM App witnesses 700 percent growth rate in using this app. Indeed, online teaching made school education technology friendly now.

Online teaching is known as the virtual class where teacher and students are connected through most sophisticated electronic gadgets. Students and teachers’ physical presence is through electronic gadgets. We can hear and see each other. Teacher discusses learning topics orally and students respond in same way. Online teaching is in fact promotes communicative classroom. Students and teachers are engaged actively with the help of pictures, video, audio, and other electronic formats. Students are fearless in online classes. It removes students’ psychological pressure for studying in the classroom. Learning is complex phenomena but effective learning can be happen through online teaching.

Online Teaching -Rajeev Ranjan
Online Teaching

Importance, Benefits, Characteristic Features and Usefulness of Online teaching –

  1. A class without  and beyond psychological four wall
  2. Distance does not matter in online teaching
  3. Physical presence does not matter in online teaching
  4. Virtual feeling –listening and watching in online teaching
  5. Interactive class- no psychological pressure in online teaching
  6. Makes two ways communication between educator and students
  7. Demonstrations make learning less difficult
  8. Maximizing learning through most Video, audio, 3D, animation
  9. Teaching learning process can be recorded and can be used in future
  10. Students feel at ease in online teaching
  11. Free from error threatening environment in online teaching
  12. Respect for teacher and students
  13. Teacher avoids derogatory remarks, bad, abusive words in an online teaching class
  14. Student asks questions and clear doubts without feeling the pressure to be abused physically, mentally and emotionally
  15. World becomes a small village in online teaching. People from all corner of the world can attend online class. An online class is free from economic, social difference, caste, creed, ethnicity and other social biases, boundary and prejudices.  
Challenges -online teaching -rajeev ranjan

Online teaching is golden opportunity for educational fraternity. No doubt at all, online teaching is blessings for us. COVID-19 challenges human. Most difficult challenges create more golden opportunities to think creatively, critically and consciously. We are ready to learn new things and explore the mysterious and unexplored world. Be the change to bring the change in the society. Be ready to be part of online teachers’ fraternity. Warrior accepts the challenges as it is for writing history in golden words. 

online teacher training rajeev ranjan