Parent teacher Meeting Importance and Benefits

Learning is a complex phenomenon.  A child faces difficulties in learning. Child faces mental stress and several identified and unidentified challenges. Holistic development of a child depends upon the hard work of student, parent and teacher. These three stake holders integrated effort give the best learning outcomes.

Parent teacher meeting covers the distance among three stakeholders. PTM opens a communication channel. Everyone is highly busy in his own task, profession and business. Teacher teachers a big numbers of students in different classes. Teacher is completing several tasks other than classroom teaching for maintaining piousness of an educational institution. Student is busy with reading, writing, completing class work and homework. Parent is busy with his profession for earning bread and butter for family.

Parent is a partner. Active participation of a parent brings massive change in kid’s academic performance. His nature of nurturing brings natural and holistic changes in kid’s personality. It is necessary to share responsibility and accountability with parent for the holistic development of a child. Parent is directly responsible for child progress at home and in the school. In fact, it is necessary to develop a strong bridge between parent and educator. Wise parents never leave space for developing negative outcomes. Each and every moment and movement of child determines her/his future.

Parent teacher meeting is an opportunity to exchange observation of a child with each other. Sharing daily experience and observation provide a wider prospect for parent and teacher to plan, prepare and execute planning for better learning outcome of a child. We discuss and share overall personality of a child with the teacher i.e. his/her behavior, manner, habit, attitude, learning styles, relation to self and society etc.   PTM is a junction to meet the needs of child.

Why does education system feel the necessity for conducting a parent teaching meeting?


  1. Sex Education:-Great opportunity for parent and teacher to develop a healthy and strong relationship for the holistic development of a child

This platform helps parent and teacher to develop a rapport and build a strong relationship to understand and determine the need of a child. Developing an integrated child demands combine efforts from different stakeholders.

Sex Education

Great opportunity to open two ways communication for the welfare of kid

Two ways communication has great values for proper development of a child. Parent as well as teacher shares their effort on a common platform for the welfare of a child. Parent works at home on the feedback and observation shared by the teacher at school. Teacher modifies his way of handling the kids on school premises. Teacher keeps vigilant eyes on the mental and physical progress of a child. Parent and teacher follow each other after school hours also to ensure whether their effort is going on right track or not.

  1. Great platform for parent and teacher to share insights and information for the holistic development of a child

Parent and teacher shares each other minute observation of a child i.e. how does a child behave with friends, his confidence level in the class, his self esteem, self awareness, decision making skill, interest in learning, special interest, hobbies, and classroom performance. A child is pure mud. Parent and teacher try to grow a lotus on different favorable and unfavorable circumstances. Teacher’s works on parent feedback at school and parent works on teacher feedback at home.

  1. Great platform for an educator to know a child’s weakest and strongest areas from parent’s observation

Parent and teacher identify weak areas and try hard to improve those points. It is not a platform to make it just a complaining against each other. Both stakeholders should not deviate from child’s concern. Proper education of child is our prime concern. Parent and teacher’s personality is just value zero. Out ego has no great value if we could not be a wise parent and teacher. Our prime concern is to shape a child into an integrated personality. PTM provides this big opportunity to work for the child.

  1. Great opportunity to know and to work for purification and modification of student’ performance and to ensure best academic and non academic performance of child.

No religious place can help a child to grow as an integrated personality. School is the best pious place to impart quality education and develop an individual as a world citizen. Overall personality of a child does matter for teacher and parent. We share and care same concern; to develop a child into a fine human being. Our objective is same. Parent teacher meeting solves the prime objective of a child well being on a single place.

We are educator. We are professionals. We are skilled teachers. We must avoid clash with parent. We are listener. We must hear him. His problems and complains may be appear illogical, harsh and irrational at first instance but it may also be beneficial for so many students. When a parent sends his/her son/daughter to our school, s/he is sending `a life to us. Our prime concern is to provide a homely environment and a joyful learning experience to each and every one enrolled in our class/school. To err is human therefore it may be possible that consciously and unconsciously, we may commit mistakes, however a mild reminder from parent makes us alive, awake and alert teacher.

School and educator existence depend on a child. Parent is an active partner but a third party for the school who suggests some great tips and techniques to empower an individual in the school. Education should be seen in a wider perspective. Our effort is to develop an integrated personality; it is only possible when student, parent and teacher work hard to weave a web of togetherness for providing quality education.