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Rajeev Ranjan-Principal Teacher Trainer Master Career Counselor CBSE Resource Person

More About Me

Principal, Teacher Trainer, Master Career Counselor, CBSE Resource Person

Born, nurtured and grown up in the bank of river Ganga in Patna district, Bihar, Rajeev Ranjan went to Bhagalpur TNB College for Intermediate Education after passing 10th board in village SBHS, Mor. Rajeev Ranjan developed deep passion to read “ Hindi Sahitya” books, magazine, poems, novel etc at school level. Rajeev Ranjan moved from Bhagalpur to Varanasi for further education in Banaras Hindu University (BHU). Fortunately, his love for Ganga river grows day by day intensively. His native place and further education up to masters’ degree; all the institutions are situated at the bank of Ganga river. He grew as a person in the pious place of Mahamana Madan Mohan Malviya Ji. Banaras Hindu University (BHU) is one of the finest places to study not only in India but also in the world. Banaras Hindu University (BHU) provides everyone to grow as a world citizen. Rajeev Ranjan completed his Bachelor in English in BHU Faculty of Arts and Master in English from BHU Department of English. He developed interest in learning foreign language during graduation in BHU. He studied Chinese language from BHU Department of Chinese.

Love for learning helps a person to explore all the possibility to expand the knowledge, vision, mission and philosophy of life. Rajeev Ranjan moved to CIEFL, Hyderabad for academic research in the field of English Language Teaching. Wise, well qualified, well versed and world known professors of English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad nurtured Rajeev Ranjan as one of the hard learner and well trained ELT professional. Educationist spends more time with students and teachers. He developed a sense to comprehend the human psychology. Further, he became a certified counsellor from Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar.

Intense love for learning helps Rajeev Ranjan to work in well reputed Indian schools from Navodaya Vidayalaya , MDVM Parle School to GEMS India Groups of School. Rajeev Ranjan grew professional skills as an administrator while working with International organization GEMS India.

Hard work never goes in vain. It always establishes a person as a strong personality. Rajeev Ranjan received a special certification from Slide share in 2013 and 2014 for being special contributor as educational researcher on this international platform. 

Ministry of Education of Ecuador (MinEduc) Av. Amazonas N34-451 and Atahualpa Quito, Ecuador recognized Rajeev Ranjan’s ELT philosophy and mentioned his work in (EFL-Level A 2) National Curriculum Specification on page no- 7 and page no-28. It was indeed a great moment for family, foes and friends. A man’s journey never ends with one achievement; thereafter several international journals recognized Rajeev Ranjan’s contribution in world educational arena and educational scholars mentioned his pedagogical perspectives in their e-journals and articles.

Rajeev Ranjan educational qualification as “Teachers Trainer” never allows him to sit idle. He has been doing intensive research on pedagogical perspectives for a long time. Rajeev Ranjan conducts “Teacher Training” programme from 2009 in various institutions.

Rajeev Ranjan created a global platform “School Education” on for serving world educational fraternity i.e. students, school, teachers, teacher trainers and school administration. His especial specialization on “Academic Slow Learner” makes him different from others contemporary educationists. He firmly believes in the educational philosophy of “teaching is an art”. 

Administrative skills demand preparation, planning, and timely execution to make an institution as centre of excellence.  Rajeev Ranjan established several organizations as centre of excellence. Rajeev Ranjan is closely working on CBSE Affiliation process, procedures and guidelines for serving an institution for different purposes. He is CBSE Master Trainer of Career Counseling, CBSE Resources person and material developer for different purposes.   

  Being humane, an educationist, counsellor and a lifelong learner, Rajeev Ranjan aspires to contribute the best in the field of quality education for learners, teachers, teacher trainers and the resource persons. Integration of educational concept, teaching methodology, material development, classroom management, maximizing learning, creating homely environment at educational premises, technological integration, dealing with different types of challenging learners, dealing with 21st century educational  challenges, preparing educational leaders and educational management skills are  my core issues of research.  “Let us grow and glow together” for the welfare of world educated citizen, who can think and dream for peace, prosperity and international brotherhood.

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