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First See the Rain Chart of a City – Last 5 Years Record — Alarming Situation for One and All

Rain Fall Chart -Jaunpur -Rajeev Ranjan

Who knows the English poet Coleridge will be so truthful in 21st century. Horrible situation but less discussed issue in India in semi rural and urban India. Use of water is increasing day by day but we do not bother to use rationally i.e. save it and recycle it. School children can be the best leader to lead the society. School children can awake the society.

We use water everywhere but we don’t think about the ways and means to save water. We have been observing for a long time that students were washing their hands in purified drinking water (RO Water). Students were used to throw ½ of drinking water and refill it several times in a day time.

Sensitize school children- make them aware –they will do wonderful job. They will not only save water themselves but also aware their family members to “Save Water” and minimize the use of water at home.

We did a wonderful experiment with school students. The main objective is to conduct this experiment was to sensitize students to drink enough purified water but do save water. If students know the problems, they will surely find the solution. 5th class students did a wonderful experiment at home.

Experiment guidelines:-

Student will use certain amount of RO water i.e. 100 ml or ½ lit, 1lit,

Student will note down the on and off time of RO Machine – 15, 20 , 20 or 1 hour

Student will collect waste water in a different pot – 1 to 10 liter

Student will involve on family member in this experiment

Student will share this experiment report with family members and other members of society

Next day students were very excited to share their experiment experience with school principal. They were surprised to see that result of experiment was amazing as well as alarming for them. Generally all students agreed upon a point that RO Machine purified 1liter drinking water and the wasted water was in between 5-6 liters.  The RO machine was on for almost 25- 35 minutes. In fact they were also agree on a point that we do not only waste water but we also spend so much electricity on getting RO water. Ms. Soumaya mother was amazed to see the result. She accepted before her daughter that till date she was not aware of this fact that we waste so much water on getting 1 liter drinking water. Mr. Mridul Yadav father suggested that we can use RO waste water on plant.

Outcome of this Experiment-

Students started sensitizing other peers and friends

Students stopped using much RO water

A sensible student educates the peers, friends, family member and other society member. We need to make our students sensible on different social issues. This is a small experiment with “Save water –Save Life”. Literate and educated society sensitizes the other stakeholder for the better life not for us but for the future generation.

Experiments Analysis

 Student activity on save water- Rajeev Ranjan
 Student activity on save water- Rajeev Ranjan
 Student activity on save water- Rajeev Ranjan