What should i do to succeed in my life?

Student-what should i do if i study a lot but still don't get marks ?
hard work leads to success

What should i do if i study a lot but still don’t get marks ?

hard work leads to success

what should i do if i study a lot but still don’t get marks ?


Why does my classmates say that they haven’t prepared for the exam and yet scores among the highest in the class?

Magic never ever happens in life— your friend tells lie—- your friend is jealous —-s/he does not want to share secrets of his success——Secrets of success lies in hard work, moreover consistent hard work———do not fall in the trap of friend ——nothing happens in our life without our self -confidence, determination and hard work——so start working hard —- score good marks ———

Why is it recommended to wake up early in the morning though I feel I am more productive at night?

Yes, you are right —- several research have been carrying out in the world for find out the old saying of wake early in the morning…………i personally think ——it does not matter whether you work hard and you are more productive in the morning or in the night ——-it does matter that your out come of the hard work should be impactful and fruitful. Different person has different habit and even different body clock—

Basically, every person of this world has only 24 hours in day —- it is his/her wiseness to use it properly and manage it properly for maximum output —-i always love to awake early in the morning —— the day i awake late in the morning i feel like —i have lost the day——I developed a different working styles —- i work up to my body allows me to do so —- i really feel fresh in the morning ———surrounding nature helps us to enjoy the beauty of morning —-

I want to take the science stream but am not confident on myself that I’ll be able to do well in it. Should I take science then too or take some else stream?

Dear Friend

  1. Self belief is the best belief
  2. Believe in yourself before starting a new task
  3. If you are not feeling confident in Science Stream— Ask yourself 1st before asking someone else—-what will be the best for you?
  4. Several disease/problems of life is self created
  5. Science and Commerce do not matter in life—-then what does matter——-your hard work— your passion — your thirst —-your wish — your determination to fulfil your wish———-believe in yourself — do whatever you wish to do —-but do it passionately— let your fear melt like ice cream —-enjoy it like RashMalayi————
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