What will happen if I get 50% to 60% in my board exam?

Nothing will happen— NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN —-sky is not going to fall—earthquake is not going to come——life never ends with one exam result—-


ONLY Guardian will say— will buy for goat/cow/rickshaw/auto/OPEN pan shop—-BUT REMEMBER ONE THING- YOUR FAMILY LOVES YOU SO MUCH———-

We give exam on daily basis…exam result is one criteria —wait boy—-

A Good person starts doing work timely. Thinking ahead is good but in the beginning, middle and during the examination, our main task is to perform well but not to think of examination result right now. Whatever we can do it right now, will do it right now that is to complete our prescribed syllabus. We will plan and develop strong will power to execute our planning. Later I will think—-

I have scored less in my board exams due to depression and I am not so financially well off but I am good at learning things and software, can anyone give me career counselling/advice?

No problem at all— if you scored less marks in your board exam——there maybe ups and down in life—- but life never stops——begin your life——-today——-what has happened —had happened —-you can not bring back —-so start today—-

  1. If you wish to study— then learning computer— Animation —— can be good option
  2. If you wish to learn skill——-then develop technical skill ——-so that you will be able to earn and learn ————————

Why does my classmates say that they haven’t prepared for the exam and yet scores among the highest in the class?

Magic never ever happens in life— your friend tells lie—- your friend is jealous —-s/he does not want to share secrets of his success——Secrets of success lies in hard work, moreover consistent hard work———do not fall in the trap of friend ——nothing happens in our life without our self -confidence, determination and hard work——so start working hard —- score good marks ———-

Provisions for change of subject IN cbse in class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

Can I change my subject in 12th CBSE?,
Is it possible to change subjects in 12th in the CBSE? ,
Can we change our subject after class 11 CBSE?

A student can apply for subject change in class 12th —but generally it is restricted to Class-IXth and XIth —s/he needs to send the application –(Matter related to Change in Subject(s)) to concerned CBSE Regional Office through concerned school ——CBSE has changed some rules in 2019–20 circulars —Please go through it —

Provisions for change of subject are as under:

(i) Change of subject(s) in class XI may be allowed by the Head of the School but not later than 31st of October of that academic session.

(ii) No candidate shall be permitted to change his subject of study after passing class IX or XI as the case may be.

(iii) The candidate shall not offer a subject in class X and XII which he has not studied and passed in class IX and XI respectively.

(iv) Notwithstanding anything contained in (ii) and (iii) above the Chairman CBSE shall have the powers to allow a change in subject(s) in class X/XII, as the case may be, to avoid undue hardship to the candidate provided such a request for change is made before 15th July.

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