Parenting Tips- How to Handle Your Kids during COVID-19

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Life is full of mysteries. Human tends to predict for next moments. Prediction always reveals and reflects   half-truth. Human beings explore and enjoy the beauty of this beautiful world. The moment we stop, the moment struggle starts. Why should we waste this great moment of life during COVID-19 lockdown? We usually used to aspire to stay at home and of course we are at home now. We are enjoying the best moments of our life with our near and dear ones. Our ward learning is great cause and concern for us. Wait for a moment before too much thinking! Is it happening with us only or with world level? Extraordinary times demand extraordinary planning, preparation, persistence, determination, and dedication. Wise individual challenges himself to change himself for facing the challenges.

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Extraordinary Times

Learning is complex phenomena. Online teaching becomes most alternative means of learning. Online teaching learning process is like the concept of a glass filled with water but some space to add more water in the glass. We perceive this situation as we wish to perceive and indeed it differs in context with space and time.

Since, COVID-19 is unexpected phenomena and astonished the world netizen. We were not prepared for it. Nowadays almost all walks of life, people are regenerating the planning and reinventing the solutions of this unwanted challenge. Education industry are facing same challenges what other people and institution are facing. Online teacher is not a new word but people come through its importance and benefits during COVID-19. Wise parents started working on developing positive attitude towards learning at home during this epidemic era. How can we engage our wards at home? All most all of us are facing same challenge, however we can bring massive change if we accept this challenge as it is. If your ward’s school is organizing online teaching, then follow these guidelines for better learning outcomes and healthy stay at home.

  1. Nowadays, parent is most active member in child’ learning. Parent should use this golden opportunity to enhance students’ learning. 
  2. Help your child to develop self- reading habit so that when s/he will be part of real classroom teaching learning process than maximum understanding and learning outcomes will be ensured.
  3. Help your child to homework.Parent can give homework on the basis of “Reading Text”.
  4. Help your child to work on creative art, writing poem, writing compositions, and communication skills
  5. Help your child in doing some physical activities in the room to stay safe and healthy
  6. Please avoid becoming too much panic if you have poor internet connection during your child’s online teaching. Be ready to coordinate with the schooling systems and follow their guidelines
  7. Online teaching is good means of learning but cannot replace real classroom teaching learning process. So accept its limitations 
  8. Please talk to your parent (child’s grandfather/mother/elderly family members) so that child will observe your compassion for your father. Child will follow what s/he sees and perceive not what we say all the time but could not follow.
  9. Read, play and enjoy with your kids at home.
  10. Stay at home, be healthy, and wise

  Nothing is complete, nothing is truth and nothing is perfect, so do not try to be. You cannot predict so what is need to worry. Everything will be fine. Hope for the best! Everything will be as usual what we were before COVID-19.  

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