Curricular Goals for the Foundational stage at National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage-2022

Major Domains
Physical Development,
Socio-Emotional and Ethical Development,
Cognitive Development,
Language and Literacy Development,
Aesthetic and Cultural Development,

The Curricular Goals for the Foundational stage

From Competencies to Learning Outcomes- Learning Outcomes are interim markers of learning achievement towards the attainment of Competencies. They are defined based on the specifics of the socio-cultural contexts, the materials and resources available, and contingencies of the classroom

The Curricular Goals have been numbered as CG 1, CG 2 and so on.

DomainsCurricular Goals
Physical DevelopmentCG-1 Children develop habits that keep them healthy and safe
CG-2 Children develop sharpness in sensorial perceptions
CG-3 Children develop a fit and flexible body
Socio-Emotional and Ethical DevelopmentCG-4 Children develop emotional intelligence, i.e., the ability to understand and manage their own emotions, and respond positively to social norms
CG-5 Children develop a positive attitude towards productive work and service or ‘Seva’
CG-6 Children develop a positive regard for the natural environment around them
Cognitive DevelopmentCG-7 Children make sense of the world around through observation and logical thinking
CG-8 Children develop mathematical understanding and abilities to recognize the world through quantities, shapes, and measures
Language and Literacy DevelopmentCG-9 Children develop effective communication skills for day-today interactions in two languages
CG-10 Children develop fluency in reading and writing in Language 1
CG-11 Children begin to read and write in Language 2
Aesthetic and Cultural DevelopmentCG-12 Children develop abilities and sensibilities in visual and performing arts and express their emotions through art in meaningful and joyful ways
In addition to the above Curricular Goals based on the domains of development, developing Positive Learning Habits is another relevant Goal for the Foundational Stage.
CG-13 Children develop habits of learning that allow them to engage actively in formal learning environments like a school classroom


National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage-2022