Winner and loser- reason-qualities -characteristics-amazing answers by school children

Nobody is inferior and nobody is superior. Every child perceives life circumstances in a unique way.  Child’s uniqueness reflects in his thought process. We learn something new and unique things everyday in our life. An individual gets learning opportunities every moment.

We sense our learning in each passed minutes, hours and days. Child lives in his own world. S/he considers world’s problem in his own way. S/he interprets an incident and a situation at different life perspectives. A Child observation, feelings and life perspectives surprises us every moment and every interaction with him.

We were talking with class 3rd kids (8-9 years old) boys and girls in an informal interaction. Teacher asked a question” Kaun Harta Hai/Who losses/who is looser”.  It was surprising moment for the teacher. Children were enthusiastically touching different aspects of “loosing” in our life. They shared different characteristics of a looser. It means, they know the qualities of a winner.

Basically, they identified various aspects of losing in life. They correlated losing with (a) sports (b) battle (c) learning styles (d) examination (e) proper practice (f) positive attitude. Teacher used “Brainstorming” technique to feel the pulse of students. They know techniques of winning in all walks of life. A sensible educator sensitizes child’s senses and motivates them to achieve desired goal in life.

Characteristics of a looser in different walks of life:-

Sports: – Who does not play good?

Battle: – Who does not go to battlefield? (Taking Initiative) (b) Who does not win in battle? (c) Who returns home without fighting? (Struggling attitude)

Examination: – Who does not prepare for an exam? (Preparation) (b) Who does not pass in the test? (c) Who scored less marks in an exam?

Learning styles: – Who does not learn? (b) Whose handwriting is not good? (c) Whose writing speed is very slow?

Proper practice: – Who is very lazy? (b) Who does not work hard? 

Child knows very well that if s/he will work very hard and do proper practice then only we will be a winner otherwise person will be looser in his life.

Educator asked second question to the students, “Who would win/wins/is winner?”

 Educator encourages every learner to come out with proper answer. What do they think? Who wins in life? Who is winner in life? Once again children touched most essential feature of a winner or winning attitude. Children were confident on most essential feature, “working hard” and “working hard on time”.

They came up with interesting answers which reflected their awareness. Ms. Pritu said, “Who will save water; will be a winner” and Ms.Yaksha shared that “who will respect elder; will be a winner” and Ms. Pratiksha wrote that “who will follow good manner; will be a winner”.

Although, these human essential values may not directly help to become a winner but subconsciously and consciously it helps to develop a positive attitude. In fact, positive attitude is essential characteristic for winning a situation/battle and learning life skills.

Educator instills essential human values in each and every child of a class. The fact, every child is unique. God creates inbuilt good human being for the universe. Our parent, society, teacher, and school nurtures inherent talent of an individual. He shows us right path to walk and to achieve goal of our life, “a skilled personality with human values”. They already exhibit different skills and essential human values. Our core task is to make them realize the importance of right values of life at right time to become an integrated personality. Our core task is to give them right direction at right time. Our core task is to make the sensible and wise world citizen who can think for cosmic peace and prosperity.


Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist 

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