Yoga and Meditation are most scientific, practical and observable phenomena not only in 21st century but right from the rise of civilization. India is the mother place of “Yoga and Mediation”. Of course, credit goes to Patanjali who explored the beauty of Yoga before the world. Earlier there was some confusion regarding scientific and practical approach of yoga in western civilization. It is really interesting facts that now each and every corner of the world has been taken notice about the impact of yoga and meditation in day to day life.

We are living in globalized village. Attitude and aptitude of person have been completely changed. Much focus has been given to individual freedom and nuclear family. Materialistic world became intruders of each one life. World became mechanistic. Everyone is running behind everything. People are losing their self identity. Industrialization has its own impact on common man. People are living in such confusion and chaos life. In fact, individual is on verge to break into pieces.

Why do we need to integrate “Yoga and Meditation” in our Life?

1.     Yoga and meditation integrate our body and mind

Yoga and meditation are integration of mind and body. It dissolves at a point. It helps us to keep us physically and mentally awakened and alive.

2.     Excellent tool and techniques to keep mentally healthy

Yoga and meditation provide freedom to an individual to practice it at any place and anywhere. An individual can practice it while travelling on a train/bus/aeroplane. We need only a space for sitting comfortably. An individual can perform meditation even in bed before sleeping. We can exercise it without taking stress of time. We feel free to do it for 5 minutes or 25 minutes in a day. There is no bar of morning, afternoon or day and night. Everything is in our hand and depends on our will to practice it regularly. This is beauty of yoga and meditation.

The posture should be steady and should be very, very blissful, comfortable. If you can steady and comfortable in a chair, it is perfectly okay- no need to try a lotus posture and force your body unnecessarily. (Osho)

3.     Yoga and meditation provide an opportunity to explore self

We are active member of materialistic and Apps enabled world. We are always in stress without a reason. We feel heavily stressed when we do not find our brush, toothpaste, tie, shoes or any other essential items at right place. Interesting fact of modern life is that we jump into a dying situation if we could not find our smart phone in our pocket. Most of the time, we communicate with outer world. Yoga and meditation provide an excellent opportunity to delve into one self, to examine oneself and to explore oneself for living a healthy and peaceful life.

4.     Yoga and meditation always fortify our mind to think wisely and act wisely

Yoga and meditation develop positive perspectives and exhibit ways to look self and societal issues in a wider perspective. Meditation is way to move towards negative to positive perspective of life. Firstly, yoga and meditation purify our inner soul and mind. Secondly, it creates a space in our soul and mind. Positive attitude exists only in a healthy soul and mind.

5.     The beauty of flexibility lies in yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation make us flexible due its nature of flexibility. No need to worry about any materialistic items during performing yoga and meditation. Only we need a self awareness and self will power to keep us healthy, wealthy and wise.

6.     A healthy and peaceful life without a price

Yoga and meditation are available for everyone beyond caste, creed, culture, economy based society and nation. We can do it at our own pace, place and price. It is we who decides whether we will practice yoga on a branded mat/a piece of cloth and on the grass in the lap of nature. Money is not an issue at all in practicing “Yoga and Meditation”. It is purely a gift from rich Indian cultural ethos of Patnajali to develop a pure soul and pure mind.

Yoga and Meditation become center to provide relax as well as a sense of relief in day to day life. Every year a number of researches have been carried out from all over world. People are keen to learn Yoga and Meditation in day to day life. Every year thousands of journals, e-journals are published. There is a huge demand of Yoga Gurus in all over world.

Westernized lifestyle and fast living have brought in stress in peoples’ lives and taken it to a whole new level today. Where earlier stress was a word used by a selected age group or those who worked long hours, today everyone from kids to highly aged people is well aware of stress or exhaustion. In such a scenario, Meditation subliminal relaxation has come up as a solution for fighting all the stress, pressures, fatigue and weariness people are experiencing these days.

In fact, meditation subliminal relaxation is one of the most effective relaxation techniques and has the power to heel psychologically. Before understanding about meditation subliminal relaxation and how it benefits you, you should know what relaxation techniques are and how and on what problems do they work.

Calming and soothing down mind and body when in an unstable or burned out situation is called relaxation and methods that can be used to achieve this heeling, is termed as relaxation techniques. Since the technique that is being discussed is subliminal relaxation or meditation subliminal relaxation, the problem that is to be cornered is more or mental and psychological. There is a bundle of relaxation techniques to fight those emotional and psychological stress and strain experienced by our mind, often these stress also lead to physical stress later on.

Usually relaxation techniques are designed in a way that they can even be used together or in combination. Mediation subliminal relaxation is one such safe and easy technique that works with the combination or conjunction of power of meditation and subliminal technology. While it is easy for a person to understand what meditation can do for budding stress and fatigue, not many know that subliminal technology is a relaxation technique in itself and can work wonders for those emotional imbalance of a tired and stressful brain.

India has many famous gurus in the field of Yoga and Meditation. Yoga institute of Munger (Bihar) plays vital role to spread qualities of yoga to the common man. Modern gurus like Shri Ravinsahnakr, Osho, Murari Bapu, Asharam Bapu and famous guru “ Ramdev” established “ yoga and meditation” on worldwide label. Even  people from all over world are keen interested to have through research on Yoga and Meditation which will surely help the upcoming fast metro-look , metro sexual and pub styles kids.

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist


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