Nobody  is inferior and nobody is superior, one is just oneself. Educator identifies inherent capacity of students. He nurtures the inherent talent to become more efficient and more skilled;  to do something more innovative, more expressive, more novel for the welfare of the universe. A classroom consists of mix group of learners i.e. academically good, average and below average  in academic performance. A classroom consists of different types of learners i.e. visual, auditory, aesthetic so on and so forth. Educator nurtures everyone in the class. He tries to include something more to enhance the learning aptitude and attitude of the students, however to teach academically brilliant/good students of the class demands a little more effort from an educator.

    1. Educator should plan a lesson before the class. Advance planning of topic/lesson helps educator to create learning environment in the classroom. Teacher should use best available materials to cater the need of brilliant students of the class.
    2. Best material related to the concerned teaching topic
    3. Advanced questions for good students i.e. worksheet, practice paper, HOTS questions
    4. Extenteded challenging alternative activites for good students to enhance thinking skills
    5. Proper time management for differents tasks and activities
    6. Share instructions precisely to avoid confusion in the class

planning a lesson