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Rajeev Ranjan 

Principal, Teacher Trainer, Counselor, Author and Blogger

 Valuable Articles for Students, Parents, Teachers, Teacher Trainers, School Leaders,  School Administrators and other Educational Stakeholders

CBSE Affiliation Process & Essential Documents for Online Affiliation Application and School Inspection According to CBSE Affiliation Bye-Laws

CBSE affiliation school inspection committee members duties and responsibilities

CBSE Affiliated Schools Principal/Headmaster Duties, Powers and Responsibilities

Code of Conduct – Employees of CBSE Affiliated Schools- Affiliation Bye Laws

UNESCO Education 2030 Framework -Sustainable Development Goal 4-Vision, Rationale and Principles

Notebook Correction Benefits of Teacher’s Remarks on Student’s Exercise Book for Effective Teaching

AIIMS- All India Institute of Medical Sciences- Entrance Test and Result – MBBS Course

Lesson Plan -Questions Yourself -Tips for Writing an Effective Lesson Plan

The Uttar Pradesh Self Financed Independent School (Fixation of Fees) Ordinance -2018

Direct Admission to Classes X/ XII in CBSE Affiliated Schools Guidelines and Required Documents

National Early Childhood Care and Education (Ecce) Curriculum Framework

Classroom Management Tips and Techniques to Increase Students’ Learning

English for Specific Purpose and General English

JEE Main and JEE Advanced Result for Admission in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) India

Use of Technology- Benefits of Using Appropriate Teaching Materials in the Classroom

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test-NEET Result Assessment

English Language Teaching Objective and Learning Outcome at Elementary Stage

7 Tips and strategies by CBSE Toppers for scoring more than 90 percent in Class 10th and 12th-How?

CBSE Class 10 Result- Detailed Evaluation & Assessment for Parents, Teachers and School

Comprehensive Sex Education in School-“Why & How”

Student Classroom Misbehavior-Tips and Techniques

How to Get Good Marks-English-Board Examination-Exam Preparation Tips for Students

Student Misbehavior- Is parent responsible for children’s bad behavior ?
Admission Drive-Campaign in School-Roll of supportive staffs to increase admissions
Critical Thinking – Teaching Techniques for developing critical thinking skills
Admission Campaign-Drive in School: Using Parent as a Brand Ambassador for School Promotion and Admission
Admission Campaign-Drive in School: Using Online Marketing Strategies for School Promotion and Admission
Sex Education for Children: Need To Implement Effective Sexuality Education Programme
Parent Teacher Meeting Importance and Benefit
Parent Teacher Meeting-Tips for Teacher-Keys Point and Core Issues
Planning a Lesson-English Language Teaching-Developing Reading Skill With Special Objective to Focus on Grammar and Writing
English Language Learning: Importance and Benefits of Practice and Exposure
English Language:-Role of English Language in
Yoga and Meditation: Benefits and Best Characteristic Features-Why We Should Integrate Yoga in Our Life?
Decision Making Skill: Tips and Techniques-Real Story-4 Young Girls of Class 5th Made a Difference
Yoga and Meditation: Benefits of Yoga and Meditation for Teacher-Healthy Teacher Develops Healthy Mind
Assessment  and Evaluation-Aims Objectives-Tips-Example
Yoga and Meditation: A Brief Introduction
Planning a Lesson-English Language Teaching-Developing Writing Skill-Example
Exam Preparation Tips:   15 best ideas and techniques for getting high grades/score in an examination
Weak Student : Teacher can  make a big difference-real story of a naughty boy
Student Misbehaviour: Teacher Can Make a Difference
Creative Thinking: 10 Best Characteristic Features of a Creative Person
Sex Education: Challenge for 21st Century Globalized World-Its Importance and Benefits
Lesson Plan: Importance and Benefits of an Effective Lesson Planning
Lesson Plan: Effective Lesson Planning=Effective Teaching
Lesson Plan Format Sample
Examination Tips: Importance and Benefits of Learning Question Paper Pattern and Question Language
Peer Teaching –Importance and Benefits – Effective Technique for Promoting Joyful Learning
Examination Hall: Excellent and Essential Tips for Performing Well in an Examination
Notebook Correction: Important Tips and Techniques for Ensuring Quality Learning
Fear of Examination: What are the basic reasons for fear of examination?
Ownership of Learning: Strategies for Getting Students to Take Responsibility for Their Learning
Parent Role in Developing Decision Making Skill in a Child
Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom
Respect-Values of Life-Students Character Building
Multiple Intelligence
Tips for Developing Decision Making Skill
Rote Learning Importance and Benefits
Decision Making
National curriculum specification-Ministerio-de-Education
Characteristic of Weak Students in the Classroom
 Life Skill Teaching Techniques for Teacher
Teaching Human Values –Importance of Developing Essential Values of Life
Winner and loser-amazing answers by school children-a real life experience
English Speaking Skill Tips -A Short Story of Sonia
Duties and Responsibilities of an Examination in Charge
Duties and Responsibilities of a Time Table in Charge
Life Skills Teaching-Learning -Beneficial for Holistic Development of Child
Preparing Lesson Plan for Effective Classroom Teaching
Teaching Human Values- Importance of Developing Essential Values Among Students
Life Skill Teaching Techniques for Teacher