Affiliation Bye-Laws 2018

(Notification Date:-18th October 2018)

Norms for CBSE Affiliation (Chapter 2)

CBSE Affiliation Norms Affiliation Bye-Laws 2018

 What are different categories in which CBSE New Delhi considers school affiliation?/What are different categories for school’s affiliation with CBSE New Delhi?

 Affiliation Bye-Laws 2018 mentioned clearly on page number (4-5/69) section 2.2. Categories of Affiliation that applications for affiliation may be considered under the following categories of affiliations;

2.2.1 Approval for Middle Class Syllabus

2.2.2 General Affiliation of a Secondary School or Senior Secondary School

2.2.3 Upgradation of a School approved for Middle Class Syllabus up to Secondary or Senior Secondary Level

2.2.4 Upgradation of an affiliated Secondary School up to Senior Secondary Level

2.2.5 Switch over of Schools up to Secondary and Senior Secondary Level

Schools already affiliated with other Boards of School/Secondary education to the CBSE are granted affiliation under this category.

2.2.6 Regular Affiliation of Schools

One time regular affiliation will be granted to the categories of schools under clauses 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3 and 2.1.4

Rajeev Ranjan