Benefits of Using Technology in the Classroom

Use of technology is integral part of our life. Living in an era of globalization, we need to understand the changing trend across the world. Technology has become fundamental need for human society. In fact, technology is the best companion of today’s world. We open our eyes by searching mobile somewhere on the bed. No one thinks it as a bad habit. The more we stress on innovative learning, the more we become a global contender. There was time when textbook, teacher and education institutions were main source of learning. Nowadays, we quench the thirst of knowledge with technological support. Evolvement of technology has changed the beliefs and values of teachers, administrators, parents and other educational stakeholders.

Why we should integrate technology in the classroom?

Students’ engagement is keys to success. The interactive effects of sound, animation, narration and additional definitions that make up electronic texts appeal to today’s learners, motivating them to concentrate better and to deliver higher achievement.

Need of time for present and future

We live in a virtual world. Love of technology changes life styles of each and every person. We arise early in the morning with technology. We walk carrying most sophisticated gadget in our pocket. We sleep with technology. A bedroom is full of electronic gadgets. We enjoy pip-beep sound in our sound sleeping. This is intense integration of technology in our life.

Need of 21st century technological savvy world citizen

We handle 21st century Android apps enabled generation. Kids love to spend more time on Electronic gadgets. They are least motivated to talk with their peers, parent and elder members of family at the same time parents also spends much time on Electronic Gadgets. Smart and sophisticated technology has filled the gap between developed and developing country. Literate and illiterate world citizens know the importance of technology. Knowledge is no more sole property of educated world. Our school supportive staffs are not so well educated but they always clear their doubt doing Google. They use Whatsapp comfortably. Our school supportive staffs handle own account on several social sites. This is power and explosion of technology in our life.

Our kids are very smart, so much active and so much interested in using technology at home and at school. I met Mr. Sheetal Yadav at my office to discuss the performance of his son Mr. Saurbh Yadav. He is a businessman and his wife is a primary school teacher in a government school. Mr. Sheetal Yadav himself completed his training (Basic Training Certificate) which is prescribed for primary teacher; however he has his own business. Mr. Saurbh Yadav is not very active boy in 8th class, suffering from allergic problem, now and then gets cough and cold due to this, he frequently absents from class. Mr. Sheetal Yadav shared with me the mastery of Saurabh in using technology at home. Sir, ‘Saurabh is very intelligent in using technology. He sends all order through email. He keeps me updating in latest products of our business company.

This is power of technology in 21st century. Children may be or may not be performing well in terms of learning of prescribed syllabus, performing well in the class and getting good score in examination oriented education system but undoubtedly they are skilled and expert enough to use technology in their day to day life. So, they demand learning through technology in the classroom. Sometimes, they help their teacher to operate different gadgets properly; sometimes they sort our minor technical difficulties (hardware and software) by their own learning experiences. It may or may not be exaggerate to say that people can survive in different difficult circumstances but may not be survived without technology or may not feel at ease without technology. Nowadays, technology is more important than to get fresh air for living a healthy life because unavailability of fresh air has gradual effect on our health but without using technology has immediate effect in our life.

Prepare active, engaged and empowered students

Integration of technology ensures effective teaching learning process in the classroom. It makes easy for students to develop proper understanding for conceptual learning. Learners become active in a technological enabled classroom. Integration of technology caters the need of different types of learners i.e. auditory, visual, kinaesthetic etc. It consists of picture, video, textual material etc. Students learn well when they see a Globe Map on the Computer Screen because they can customize it according to different need and situations. It clears different complex learning topics very easily. Students enjoy their Biology teacher class, when they watch a 3D movie on ‘Digestive System’. Students respond well when they watch a short act based on their textbook story. Technology prepares students to become active participant in learning process, it keeps them engaged during the class and empowered their learning when a teacher integrates technology rationally in the class.

Prepare student to understand teaching topic

Integration of technology in the classroom prepares students to be active participant in learning process. It is interesting and informative stimulating source in pedagogical perspective. Teacher integrates technology in classroom teaching for ensuring effective teaching.

Ensure effective and quality teaching

Technology helps us to ensure effective and quality teaching in the classroom. What is sole purpose of a classroom? No doubt at all, the answer is “students’ learning”. Technology makes students an active agent of learning. It helps educator to integrate factual knowledge with virtual knowledge. It is observed that technology helps students to retain learning for a long time.

Ensure active participation of students

Students become active participant of learning. They participate in classroom discussion. They feel active to work in a group. Since, students can explore the virtual world by themselves; they feel happy. It gives them a sense of satisfaction for achieving something in learning task. Students do not feel as passive learners. This creates a learning friendly environment in the classroom.

Maximize learning in the classroom

Use of technology in the classroom caters the need of different learners learning styles. It provides solution for one and all at a single platform. We know that learners learn well when educator provides learning platform for them and ensure students active participation in learning process. Use of technology in the classroom promotes two ways learning.

Help to develop understanding level of complex and difficult topics

The best way to ensure effective learning in the classroom is to integrate technology in the classroom. Teacher fosters learning in the classroom. Efficient teacher is skilled enough to ensure learning in the classroom; however it is observed that students could not learn well and respond well in complex and difficult topic. Usually students used to feel least interesting during a regular teaching –learning phenomena, but wise teacher makes best use of technology to clear students’ doubt. Mathematics teacher integrates technology in his lesson plan to teach “Trigonometry” unit because sometimes students become confuse with angles.

Integrate theoretical learning with practical learning

Earlier, teaching –learning process was heavily dependent on teacher, textbook and best available notes. If a teacher could not clarify a particular topic then either students use to leave that topic or students used to memorize that topic in the examination. Nowadays our learners are centre point in our teaching-learning circle. Teacher integrates technology in the classroom for blending theoretical learning with practical learning. Earlier, if a teacher teaches his student,” how to recite a poem”, s/he used to do it himself/herself but nowadays an English Language Teacher can show 5 five different videos of different age group learners,  belong to five different countries. Technology made it easy, where theoretical knowledge can be amalgamated with practical knowledge in any sphere of learning.

Promote High Order Thinking Skills

When a teacher integrates theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge, then effective learning happens in the classroom. Teacher incorporates higher order thinking skills. He develops HOTS with using technology in the classroom. It can be in terms of using practice material from simple to complex, using different level of worksheets, using videos for leading conceptual discussion, by giving opportunity to explore related to teaching topics and by asking students to  prepare a short project on it. Teacher’s prime concern is to develop critical thinking skill among students through use of various available technology and resources in the classroom.

Fulfills the need of different types of learners

We agree with unique learning quality of each and every learner. One way of teaching cannot cater the need of all the learners in a classroom. Each and every learner have different perspective to learn something, different learning styles to learn something and adopt different ways and means to learn something for short and long time memory retention. Integrating technology in the classroom solves different learners need under one big umbrella. A wise teacher uses different tools and techniques for maximizing learning in the classroom. It completely depends on teacher’s expertise and skill to use technology in the classroom i.e. (why to use, how to use and what to use)

Increase concentration level of students in the lesson

Integration of technology provides ample opportunity for learning to feel at ease in the classroom for learning. It can be used for ice-breaking and to discuss complex topics. Satisfactory learning outcome depends on the concentration level of learner. With the help of picture, podcast, audio, video, and numerous means of technology help learners to be energetic and focused on the learning topic because these tools and techniques create an interest in teaching topic.

Promote innovative teaching skills in the classroom

Integration of technology promotes innovative teaching technique which helps students to develop different learning skills at different level. How a teacher does integrate technology in his lesson plan for teaching a topic? What is his objective to integrate technology in his lesson planning? If a teacher is precise in his objective, he develops different ideas of teaching to cater the need of learners. A wise educator plans different learner centered activities and tasks to promote learners’ involvement to inculcate innovative learning outcome i.e. to compare economical statues between two states in last decade can be represented using Microsoft excel, Power Point Presentation, Video etc which can appeal the viewers. Student engrossed himself in activities. It promotes natural learning; moreover s/he has opportunity to customize his/her learning by adopting different tools.

Maximize students’ self esteem

Integration of technology maximizes learning in the class since each student of class gets benefited from use of technology. Student’ self esteem increases in proportionate to level of his learning. With the help of technology teacher provides learning opportunity of learner. Since, each learner knows how to use technology; students enjoy it in the class. A wise teacher asks supportive question to his student since student has watched movie or listened podcast or watched photograph therefore they guess some of the factual answer very easily. They reply to their teacher. It boosts up confidence of each and every learner in the class.

Provide ample opportunity to access fathomless materials

Technology provides more than adequate learning opportunities for 21st century learners. Learners’ cantered approach established with the help of technology. Learners prepare themselves at home; they explore different resources on a particular topic. They come to class filled with sufficient knowledge of  topic. When we have a chat with our seniors of 1990s, they share their teacher’s way of teaching. Sometimes, even an experienced teacher also had used to distribute 10 years old notes to his/her students. Nowadays, smart kids can tell you the name of website from where you have taken notes. It is also observed that teacher caught in an embarrassing situation before the students, if he hides the link of resources.

Technology helps student to become owner of his own learning. A wise teacher helps his students to inquire, evaluate and explore the existing learning sources because world of Internet provides fathomless materials with .02 second of search. It is fundamental duty of wise educator to lead his students to the right destination so that they can focus on authentic resources widely available on World Wide Web. Credit goes to different search engines, and especially Google to provide a big platform for learners. Learning is a fun. Of course, we all are learners in the world of World Wide Web. 

Wise educator is a keen learner. In fact learning is a lifelong process. There is no full stop in learning. Educator keeps every learning door open in the process of continuous learning. Wise educator explores new ways, new techniques, new methods, new innovation, new skills and new resources to keep him/her up to date. Learning technological skills is demand for 21st century skill based education. Digital Literacy Skill is integral part of pedagogical perspective. Technology is our one of the best friend. Wise educator integrates digital skills to open a new horizon of learning.

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist

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