10 Best Characteristic Features of a Creative Person

Creative person possess a wide and large vision. His own attitude is his greatest wealth. He lives his own ideology. Creative person never worries for name and fame. Name and fame walk on their own feet and salute the noble creation of creative person.

  1. Creative thinker imagines, generate, develop and critically evaluate ideas.
  2. Creative thinker explores ideas, spaces and materials and technology.
  3. Creative thinker keeps himself open for other’s advice, ideas and opinion.
  4. Creative thinker generates and evaluates knowledge, ideas and possibilities.
  5. Creative thinker explores existing knowledge and information and designs appropriate strategies.
  6. Creative thinker develops innovative solutions for complex and difficult challenges.
  7. Creative thinker views a problem from multiple perspectives generate many ideas and possible solutions, improvise, play, literate, and use metaphor to gain new insight. (Fred Leichter)
  8. Creative thinker executes his ideas and experiences into his tasks.
  9. Creative thinker possesses high intrinsic motivation and persistence.
  10. Creative thinker believes that yes, “I can do it”.

Do you believe so?

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist