Life is a constant decisiveness. Decision making is a natural phenomenon. Each moment, one has to decide. This natural phenomenon occurs from taking minor decision; when to awake, what to wear, what to eat, what to drink, what to say, when to start, to major decision i.e.  Which career, whom to marry, daring to accept or reject an offer/a challenge, business deal etc? Decision making is a state of mind to choose one between two alternatives or to choose one among many alternatives. Man’s state of mind is always at the verge of flux. We live in a state of dilemma, “to be or not to be”.

A wise human being weighs every possible action and reaction before taking a final decision. A decision is an amalgam of intuition and rational perception. Extreme of two divergent points lead to confusion, chaos and rational emptiness.  Integration of intuition and rational perception lead to a sensible decisive point and is resulted into a firm decision. Decision making is a process. In fact, it is a thought process. It is a skill. Decision making is an essential life skill. Life skill can be learnt to live an integrated life.

Rajeev Ranjan