Handwriting can be improved

A person’s personality traits reflect in the way s/he writes. Handwriting is distinct identity of an individual. An individual’s handwriting is always unique and different from one another. There is not a fixed standard for measuring “Good Handwriting” however whatever we write that should be clean, clear, comprehensible and legible.  Developing good handwriting skill can be challengeable task but cannot be too much difficult for student, teacher and parent.

Generally we observe in our school that almost 60-70% students’ handwriting is very poor. It is too much unsystematic. Students have been writing since childhood just for the sake of writing. What can be the core issue behind poor handwriting?  Lack of awareness is the main reason for poor handwriting other than physical deficiencies i.e. minds and hand coordination. While closely monitoring thousands of notebooks of more than 3 thousands students, we find those students are not so sensitive and aware “how to write properly or in good handwriting”. Initially students, parents and teachers do not care and tell the students exactly “how to write properly or in good handwriting”. We find a very famous remark “improve your handwriting” but teacher does not take pain to talk with students and help students with rubrics of good handwriting. Simply writing a remark “improve your handwriting” is not going to help students.

Educator needs to sit with students, guides students and monitor students on “how to improve their handwriting”. How can an educator and the parent help student to write in good handwriting? Each individual has its own unique and distinctive way of learning something. We need to observe the learning pattern of an individual. When it comes to develop good hand writing skill, we need to observe the handwriting pattern of an individual student i.e.

Whether s/he writes neat and clean or not  

Whether s/he writes in straight line or not

Whether s/he writes in too much illegibly or not

Whether s/he writes in too much small letter

Whether s/he leaves too much space between two words or not

Whether s/he writes in round shape letter or not

Whether s/he follows line alignment or not 

Whether s/he writes touching up line or bottom line

Whether s/he writes in between line leaving up and bottom line untouched

Educator needs to guide students, reminds students and appreciate students’ effort for practicing hard to improve their handwriting. It may take time. Bad writing is result of bad habit which has been developed right from the beginning.

Writing in good handwriting can be developed at any stage of life, if we sensitize our students at right time through right approach of learning. We observed our students for a long time. We ask our students to write one page on daily basis. Student has shown interest at early stage but gradually they lost interest of writing properly because teacher did not show interest i.e. “whether students are writing properly or not”. It became more mechanical task than a learning task. When we follow up regularly then surely outcome can be noticed. It was amazing result to show when we followed our students for a long time, we checked their notebooks, we guided them and slowly and gradually students’ handwriting become more legible.