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How to Write Interrogative Sentences

An interrogative sentence asks a direct question and is punctuated at the end with a question mark. It is one of the four basic types of sentences, and it’s a highly useful one. Could you imagine life without questions? (https://examples.yourdictionary.com/ )

An interrogative sentence helps us to:-

  1. Gather information
  2. Clear confusion and doubts

An Interrogative Sentence:-

  1. Asks a question
  2. Has a question mark for end punctuation

Are they working hard?

Will they be working hard?

Had they worked hard?

Have they been working hard?

Might they have been working hard?

May we buy a new toy?

An interrogative sentence is a sentence that asks a question.
A sentence that asks a question or makes a request for information (cambridge.org)
An interrogative sentence is one that asks a direct question and always ends in a question mark.( Craig Shrives)
Most of the time interrogative sentence starts with “Auxiliary Verbs”, i.e. are, will , do, does, did, should, could in other words Auxiliary verb before the Subject

Yes/No Questions

Auxiliary verb before subject: Have you …?

Did you eat lunch?Do they serve fish?
Can you call me when it’s time to go?Did you wash the car today?
Was the cricket match enjoyable?Can you tell me the time?
Has anyone seen my mobile?Did you go climbing last weekend?
Do you want milk with your dinner?Is this your book?
Can you sing a song?Did you receive my message?
Are you ready yet?Have you found a new job yet?
Alternative Interrogatives:- offer one or more choices

Would you like Pizza or Panipuri?

Is she mad or just tired?

Should I telephone you or send an email?
Do you want tea or coffee?

Wh-questions begin with what, when, where, who, whom, which, whose, why and how. Wh-questions ask for information and we do not expect a yes-no answer to a wh-question. We expect an answer which gives information When do you finish college? B: Next year. A: Who is your favourite actor? B: George Clooney for sure! A: Where’s the coffee machine? B: It’s in the room next to the reception. A: How old is your dog? B: She’s about five. I’m not very sure. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/questions-wh-questions
Forming wh-questions With an auxiliary verb We usually form wh-questions with wh- + an auxiliary verb (be, do or have) + subject + main verb or with wh- + a modal verb + subject + main verb: When are you leaving? Where do they live? What has she done now? Why didn’t you call me? What have they decided? Where should I park? https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/questions-wh-questions
Elicit an open-ended response What happened?
Where do you work?
Who won the Cup Final in 1997?
Exclamative! Exclamative sentences are used to make exclamations: What a stupid man he is!
How wonderful you look! https://www.ucl.ac.uk/internet-grammar/clauses/inter.htm

More Examples

What is your name?Do you think India will win the game?
Do you expect to pass without studying?Is Sheila my best friend?
Are Rahul and Amit going to school fest?Will you stop talking?
Was it a great victory?Can you shut the door?

Write short answers to these questions (yes, I do / no, I don´t / yes, she does / no, she doesn´t, ….)

1. Do you speak French? …………. 6. Does your father work? ………….
2. Does your mother like chocolate? …………. 7. Do you go to the cinema? …………
3. Do you study a lot? ………….8. Does your best friend study? …….
4. Do you usually watch TV at night…………. 9. Does it rain a lot in Africa? ………..
5. Do you play a musical instrument? ………….10. Do you live in a flat? ………..

Question Words.

Fill in the question words What, Where, Why, When, How, Who to form the question.

Write the correct question words 
1. __________ do you like best?1. _______ much are the patotoes? 10 Rs.
2. __________ does  Reema  get up in the morning?2. _______ can I do for you? I want two white T-shirts.
3. __________ don´t you go by bus, Binita?3. _______ can I get a newspaper? At  Gandhi Marg.
4. __________ hobbies does Venisha like?4. _______ is your best friend? It´s Rajeev.
5. __________ do they go to every week?5. _______ does Tanishq  live? In Delhi.
6. __________ old are you Sidharth?6. _______ colour is your new car? It´s white.
7. __________ is  Aavya´s birthday?7. _______ do you collect? Stickers.
8. __________ are my exercise books?8. _______ can help me? I can.
9. __________ are you doing at the moment, Sonu?9. _______ about some grapes? No, thanks.
10. __________ do the Harsh live?https://ensenaringlesencasa.files.wordpress.com/

Take help from your parents and English Language Teacher and change the sentences from Affirmative to Interrogative

Cricket is Rohan’s favorite sport. 
There are five horses grazing in the field. 
Ritu is leaving today. 
The chicken crossed the road. 
Geeta was accused of cheating. 
John has written a letter. 
The prime minister gave a speech 
They chose the most expensive items on the menu 
We went for a trip. 
Frame your own Affirmative SentenceChange the sentences into Interrogative


Write down interrogative sentences. Don’t forget to put (?) at end of the sentence
Did you sing a song?Have you played badminton?
Do you like snacks?Will you practice English Grammar?

Take the help of any grammar book/online resources and frame sentences using “Wh” words?

You can collect “WH” question sentences from different story books, class books, comics and movie.


Introspection and Reflection

You wish to become a successful person in life. Read the biography/story /watch YouTube videos of successful person and find out their characteristic features/qualities. You can ask questions to yourself. Prepare list of qualities of successful person and ask questions to yourself i.e Do you ----? Are you?
Characteristic Features/Qualities of Successful PersonAsk questions to yourself

Inquiry and Investigation
Prepare a list of questions for your friends, family members, teachers, and neighbours.

Warning! You will prepare only questions. Frame meaningful questions!

Questions  Questions

Resources & Reference:-


https://www.englishgrammar.org/formation-questions-exercise/ https://www.focus.olsztyn.pl/en-grammar-articles-test-7.html





 Dear Learners  

Read, Write and Practice it! You can add more examples. You can do more practice! This is just sample/example. It will help you to write meaningful sentence.

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