A well developed lesson plan is a road map of a wise educator. Educator’s expertise is reflected in his/her lesson plan. It is architecture of teacher’s expertise.

Educator prepares lesson plan according to nature of teaching topic, nature of students and nature of students’ learning. Sometimes, we plan a lesson for one period, sometimes we plan a lesson for special purpose, and sometimes we plan our lesson as Integrated Lesson Plan, where we focus on particular topic/concept. Educator decides accordingly. We will discuss different lesson plan format and some of sample lesson plan from different subject teachers. They think that they write the best lesson plan, however I think that there is always space, and opportunity for improvement. We are educator.   Educator may feel free/ open to accept or reject, partially accept or partially reject this lesson format/sample. Wise educator will draw the best from these lesson plan samples/improve it according to need. Let us add some valuable points and modify/customize according to need:-

When we closely monitor different teacher, different subject teacher, different school, state and nation’s lesson plan, we find same values, however writing style of lesson plan may differ from one culture to another culture and from one school to another school or from one group of schools to another group of schools. Effective learning is the soul nature of writing integrated lesson plan. Students’ learning is educator’s sole purpose. Students exist at the center in pedagogical perspectives. Proper planning, relevant activities, relevant presentations, relevant questions, relevant illustrations, integration of life skills and integration of technology help wise educator to impart quality education and effective learning in the classroom. 

Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Educationist